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Has anyone wet cured there own ham for smoking? I would like to do one this year for Christmas and would like to hear from any of you who have done one. I have a model 50 so if you have done one in a cookshack all the better. I have found a lot of info here on smoking an already cured City Ham but have not found anything info on curing and smoking your own. Must the be injected or can you brine them like a turkey?
I am planning on using a picnic ham but opinions on other cuts of meat are welcome.

Thanks Craig
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smoke ring,

I usually wet brine and smoke pork loin (the larger back strap. Not the smaller tenderloin from the inside of the cavity.) for holiday hams. Turns out good. I also inject while it soaks, but it isnt a must.

When I check on my old computer I will stop back by this thread and give you a good link on how to make your own Honey Baked Ham Co. style ham.
You don't have to pump a ham.

You can,fully submerge in liquid,brine hams.

The process is much longer,and the refrigeration needs to be much more exact.

I have known folks that did this,many years ago.

I'm much too lazy to ever consider it.

IMO ,you might as well pump it yourself-if you are seeking flavor and adding water.

Here is one of the better company sites to get info and supplies.

Ham Curing

Also Chris Capell/Dizzy Pig did a good approach with pix.
Curing a Ham

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