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I thought this would be a good idea, so that we know what is being sent to the Chaplain. That way he won't end up with a bunch of one thing.
Just add a post and I will keep it updated here at the top. That way you won't have to read the whole thread. I'll even try to keep them in alphabetical order.
Once again, here is Chaplin Bill's shipping address.....Would you PM the Chaplain when you mail the box. Thanks.

Chaplain Wehlage
PO Box 500
APO, AE 09898

Almonds, Smoked, 6# SmokinMAINEiac
Dairy Creamer, Powdered, Sam's, 3.75# Jarhead
Dairy Creamer, Powdered, Sam's, 8x1# Cal
Ginger Cookies, Homemade Jarhead
Jerky Que'n RN
Jerky, Beef 5# Cal
Peanut Brittle, Homemade Jarhead
Peanut Butter Cookies, Homemade Jarhead
Sesame Brittle, Homemade Jarhead
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