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For those of you who can't let this thing about Andi go, I am here to set the record straight.

Andi is a fabulous cook and was a wonderful resource on this forum. She was fun, she was talented.

In fact, at one point I shipped her a Model 50 FREE so that she could develop recipes for Cookshack, for which we offered to pay her. She was going to write a column for the website. (Once the smoker was shipped I never heard one more word from Andi. She did not return the smoker.)

If you paid any attention at all, you must have noticed that she failed to adhere to the rules set down for this forum:

No flaming
Posts must be about barbecue

We expect that if you don't like what Smokin' or anyone else does, you take it up with Cookshack management, namely me. I am the Big Boss of the Forum. I expect any criticisms to be directed to me so that we can work out the problem. If you choose to attack someone or throw a little tantrum on the forum, you will be banned.

We have to take this approach for the good of everyone. We are here to become better cooks, have fun, talk about our favorite sport, Que. We are not here to jump all over each other in public.

Do you get this? Do you hear me? IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, COME TO ME!!!!

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