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@jay1924 posted:

My electric (SM066) produces plenty of smoke for me. Too much if I'm not careful with the wood.

That is helpful information, Jay. What I want is the best smoked taste I can get with the easiest use.  The PG500 is easy to use and makes good food. I have yet to find any pellet smoker though that delivers the perfect smoky taste I like.  Basically, I want a stick burner or charcoal smoker taste with the ease of use. from a pellet smoker.

Rdsbucks: I don't think you'll get "stick burner or charcoal smoker taste" from a CS electric smoker. They use small chunks of wood, but I haven't found my SM066 produces the kind of acrid smoke an all-wood smoker or a charcoal smoker produces, I guess good smoke flavor is a matter of taste. Even if I (accidentally) overload my smoker with wood (say 4 oz. for a rack of loin backs instead of 2 1/2 oz., The excess wood smoke just plates out on the ribs after the IT reaches 140 or so, and it gets somewhat bitter. I don't like that so I keep it lower.

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I originally started with a Cookshack electric, moved to a FEC 100 then later a PG 1000.

I've always felt that the FEC 100 and PG 1000 were similar in taste with the PG 1000 being more versatile and the FEC being much larger.

As to the electric, as jay1924 said you can add more wood and easily over smoke. I also found that just before that point I could be belching smoke the next day (still over smoked for me).

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