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I hate to sound dumb or stupid; but on a lot of replies about BBQ from a charcoal (lump or briquette)smoker compared to an electric CS, the answer invariably includes the sentence "It's just different". What does that really mean? Is it something that has to be sampled to get the true meaning of the use of the word? Does anyone know what restraunts use a CS exclusively?
We have a Famous Dave's close by. They have both a gas fired CS and a wood fired smoker.
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I understand the difference of how each type of smoker works. What I am asking about is the difference in the "product" produced from each. For example what is the difference in a brisket, ribs, pork butt/shoulder, or turkey done in each type of smoker?
Hope this clears up any confusion in my question.
Well I see it like this... if you were offered a job where you just goto work 3 times a week and only work 1 hour each time, AND still get a 40 hr paycheck at the end of said week... with a pat on the back by the Boss.... would you take the job??

Cause smokin with a Cookshack is kinda that easy.


bob - checkin my resume Smiler
You know the guy that knows how different a brunette is from a redhead?

You know the guy that knows ,after two,or three stiff drinks,he can tell his Wild Turkey and Dr Pepper,from Old Crow and Dr Pepper?

You know the guy that knows he can tell a choice Simmental steak from a choice Red Angus with one bite?

You know the guy that can tell a lefthanded,from a righthanded brisket,with one bite.

The guy that can tell a rump roast cooked on mesquite from south of Ft. Worth,from that cooked on mesquite from north of Ft Worth?

The guy that can tell calf fries from a Longhorn,from those from a Jersey calf,with one bite?

Well rumor has it,they all ride to town together and can easily pick the superior charcoal product from the inferior CS product. Roll Eyes

The Blues Restaurant on Beale Street in Memphis ,that they all rave about,uses Cookshacks.

Emeril Lagasse of New Orleans/TV fame uses CS.

The top place in Myrtle Beach,SC is another.

I'm thinkin' Daddy D's in Atlanta uses a CS.

I guess you could call sales,or John Shiflett,and they might be willing to share.

I guess not meaning to poke too much fun at those folks,but yes you can sorta tell which charcoal product was cooked unevenly,had his exhaust tamped down and gave a sooty fire,was cooking direct over charcoal and had grease flareups,cooked indirect over charcoal and had no flavor,because there was no drippin's to burn off the coals,didn't burn his charcoal lite off cleanly, and the product tasted like gas.

All this aside,guys that grill direct over lump,can get a fine hot fire,that gives a crusty surface,and clean taste.

Lot of fine cooks, that know their cookers, can use charcoal for indirect heat ,add wood chunks,sparingly for flavor[like a CS],and produce bite through chicken skin[like a CS],or more firm skin[like a CS running at higher temp].

Yes,with plenty of quality charcoal,and some good wood chunks,and not too much more effort,they can produce comparable tasting product to an electric Cookshack.

Hope this helps a little.
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Tom makes an excellent point. Can people really tell what any product has been cooked in? Probably not unless they're comparing all of their own product that they've produced on different type cookers. I've cooked on charcoal burners, stick burners, gassers and in the end a Cookshack. The product that comes out of my Cookshack is consistently more tender, more moist, and with better smoke control. All of that with precious little effort on my part. Once you learn the Cookshack cooker, which by the way has a very small learning curve, you'll have more time to do other stuff and won't ever have to run outside every half hour to check temperatures, twiddle dampers, add fuel and stay up all night to take care of cookin' business. Oh sure, the comp cooks use anything but a Cookshack electric, but that's only because no Cookshack product except the FEC pellet muncher is allowed in sanctioned events. If that rule ever changes, LOOK OUT.

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