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There are a LOT of good joints around KC, with a variety of different sauces.

I would personally go to the Okalahoma Joes at 11950 South Strang line Rd, Olathe KS....could be so I could shop next door at KC BBQ Store. Gotta love all the spices,sauces,etc. that they carry. The folks there are more than happy to talk about que'n.
Like cal says,KCMO has enough to fill the month with very good-but different from each other joints.

Some are "destination" places where some legends were founded.The history should be enjoyed,as well as a few of the selections.

Several of our travelers should log in and suggest their thoughts about KCMO.

St. Louis folks will typically answer to visit the "Hill" for the great Italian options and skip anything calling itself bbq.

Have heard ,if forced to try St Louis,that Pappy's has gotten some acceptable reviews?

As mentioned,Mike Mills place- over in IL-is a long time home to one of the very early,prominent, Memphis in May pork cooks.
Tough question.

Really comes down to how much time.

I haven't eaten in KC in a couple of years now, but I've always sent people to Cal's place if it's just ONE place. Okie Joe's is pretty consistent. If they have them? Get the burnt ends, some of the best you'll ever have.

If it's just ribs, then it's tough to say because I haven't been there recently.

Me? I'd skip the famous places like Arthur's, it's all show, but some people love them, I think that's TOm's point.

How much time in KC?

Same on St. Louis, I'd say MM place.
we're taking about a week long road trip, but can vary a little if need be. Looks like some great suggestions- we've never been to either
KC or St. Louis so anything we do will be an adventure. Ribs are not exclusive, looking for any good que.

Thanks for all your help and suggestions.

Looks like it might get even tougher putting together an itinerery.(is that spelled right?)
Well if you are going to KC you want to visit Jack Stack BBQ. They have a few locations. BBQ is very good and what ever you do get the beans. Best you will ever eat. Take a gallon home with you
Now for steaks, you can get good steaks in several places. My personal favorite if I want an out standing steak......Capitol Grill on the Country Club Plaza. YOu will probably end up there to shop any way. Make reservations and enjoy first class dining.
I live in Topeka, KS and visit KC more then two times a month. I regret to say, Arthur Bryants is a disappointment. Even Famous Dave's (a national chain) will do better than Bryants. Jack Stack can be good but, if you get there late in the afternoon on a Sunday, the ribs may be dried out. (My experience on two separate Sundays.) On the other hand, on a Thursday evening their BBQ ribs were fairly good.I say fairly because after getting a Cookshack, I have not had much enthusiasm for restaurant BBQ. All of this said, I believe they say that KC has more BBQ joints than any other city outside of a city or so in Africa.
Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.
Just got back and ate like a pig (no pun intended)

Special thanks to RibDog for suggesting Strouds, MAN what a great place for chicken- reminded me of grandma's house in the summer, golden pan fried chicken, fresh mashed potaotes with rich country gravy and cinnamon rolls for desert- had plenty for leftovers for lunch the next day.

Also, thanks to cal and SmokinOkie for suggesting Oklahoma Joes- not only was the BBQ fantastic, had to spend some time in the BBQ shop, got a look at the SMO9 and the FEC 100, when I get better at smokin, that's the one I'll be lookin' forward to.

And thanks to Tom for suggesting Pappys, great que and the folks were as friendly as could be.

All in all had a great trip and plenty to eat.

Thanks again to everyone, it's great to have a forum like this to get and give ideas.

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