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I did look in your turkey 101 and brining 101 before asking and couldn't find times for breast. But I knew the forum would give me the answer. Thanks Russ.
also I have done whole turkeys by themselves and breast by themselves but never the combo of both. What do you think about start times? Should I start them at the same time and pull when temp is reached, foil, wrap in towel and place in cooler until ready or stagger the start times? any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks for checking the 101 first, but it's doesn't have EVERY answer... LOL

I'm not sure they'll finish together if you start them together. Given the weight range, I'd start the breast about an hour after if you're really worried.


If you're just going to carve them up for a big feast, go ahead, cook them and hold them then carve. Hold them in a small cooler or something just bigger than the breast and they'll be fine.

Would appreciate a report with what you do and the timing, would be good info for all.
brined the whole turkey for 48 hours and breast for 24 hours in smokins holiday brine using 1 qt apple juice and 3 qts water. smoked with mixture of apple and cherry pellets at 275. put all in at the same time breast on lower rack and turkey legs toward the back on shelf 3. after one hour place cheese cloth soaked in butter and herb mixture. 2 hours 50 minutes breast hit 160. pulled foiled and place in small cooler and topped with towels. turkey hit 160 3 hour 35 minutes. i had a bit of a swirling wind so it took a bit more time but than expected but not a lot. glazed turkey on gas grill with a cranberry reduction. sliced the breast while the turkey rested. no leftovers so i should have done a couple more breast but everyone was stuffed and stated it was the best turkey they ever ate.

thanks again Russ

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