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Smoke on the Water Winter Haven, Florida
February 9-10, 2007

45 Pro teams, 17 Backyard, 100% FBA Certified Judges
FBA Reps - Ricky Ginsburg, Chuck Ray, Ida Isaacs, Leon Isaac

Grand Champion and 2007 FBA Florida State Champion - Firehouse BBQ - 737.48333
Reserve - Jacks Old South - 723.13333

3rd - Heartland Motors - 720.33335
4th - Swamp Boys - 719.15004
5th - This Butt's For You - 718.68333
6th - The Dixie Boys - 717.35000
7th - Prime Time Smokers - 713.41670
8th - Gator Grates - 711.15001
9th - Florida Cracker BBQ - 710.66666
10th - Smokin Cracker BBQ Team - 710.13334

1st - Jacks Old South
2nd - swamp Boys
3rd - Wolfe Brothers BBQ
4th - Dumplin Valley
5th - AKA BBQ
6th - The Dixie Boys
7th - Florida Cracker BBQ
8th - Firehouse BBQ
9th - Prime Time Smokers
10th - Bubba Chuck

1st - Barbeque crew
2nd - Firehouse BBQ
3rd - Skin-n-Bones
4th - Swamp Boys
5th - Squeals on Wheels
6th - Heartland Motors
7th - Prime Time Smokers
8th - Uncle Kenny's BBQ
9th - Junkyard Dogs
10th - Bill and The Dixie Chicks

1st - Florida Boys
2nd - Jacks Old South
3rd - Firehouse BBQ
4th - Smokin Cracker BBQ Team
5th - Big Daddy Q
6th - Kick the Tire, Light the Fire
7th - This Butt's For You
8th - Swamp Boys
9th - The Dixie Boys
10th - Texas Cattle Company

1st - This Butt's For You
2nd - Junkyard Dogs
3rd - Gator Grates
4th - Heartland Motors
5th - Firehouse BBQ
6th -
7th - Mac's Rusty Grill
8th - EMS Smokin Crew
9th - Florida Cracker BBQ
10th - Lazy J Barbecue

Backyard [Overall]
Grand Champion - Pitbull BBQ
Reserve - Breast and Butts 2nd Generation
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My wife and I had a brush with fame there at Winter Haven when we met Tom and the Firehouse BBQ team. I had a chance to thank him in person for all his fine advice on this forum. I must say, I had no hand in this win as I was assigned to judge the backyard competition. Seriously, congratulations to the Firehouse team. Always good to see FEC teams finish at the top.
Thanks for all the congrats everyone. It was a great contest and the team worked well. The Egg is a great looking cooker, but I wish they could make it in Fire Engine RED. I have to thanks Cook Shack and Eddy for making such a great cooker. We are consistent because of these cookers. I hope we keep up the good work this year.

Thank you,

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