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Hey smokes,

Anybody ever eat a small amount (2-3 ozs.) of smoked pork butt, and get that full feeling because of the richness of the meat from the smoking process? Does that mean that a little less wood would lesson the feeling? Don't know if it is just me, prolly. "Q"
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Interesting that you should experience that full feeling on a small serving also. I got a really nice choice beef brisket packer from our local mom and pop butcher last weekend and smoked it off on Tuesday night using red oak and hickory. I put it in at 225 for 12 hours and had to bump the timer an additional 2 hours (a 10.5 pounder) to get it to 195. I removed the packer and let it rest about 10 minutes and literally PULLED the two sections apart, the tip I put additional rub on and smoked another 90 minutes at 225 for burnt ends. The flat sliced so easy and is remarkably tender - yet I can't eat very much of it because it is SOOOOO rich tasting. I left all the fat on it before smoking and it was so perfectly done. BUT it's so rich. I portioned it off into containers and froze it for later use.

Might mean it's too hot where you are and something like pork butt is just a little heavy to eat. I know we've been living off the tomatoes our deck plants are putting out and our neighbors are giving us cucumbers, green bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. I seem to be "able" to eat more vegetables by volume in this heat (been on average at least 90 plus with humidity too). First year I wanna say I HATE SUMMER. I bet in the fall I get "my appetite" back.
You, my friend, have just discovered the new diet sensation!!! Food with flavor!! Get it packaged and to market before someone else does! You'll make BILLIONS!!!!

All kidding aside, extreme heat (as mentioned above), certain spices, and very flavorful foods do satisfy our hunger reflexes faster than bland food from the local burger joint. Practically every nation, except ours, has been using very aromatic and robust spices in cooking to cause a feeling of fullness for centuries. Ever walk into an Asian Indian restaurant? Just the smell is an appetizer.

And seriously, a person could very easily loose weight eating a diet high in fiber, flavorful foods, and bbq. Just hold the creamy sides!

Happy Q'n

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