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I'm embarrassed to even post this question, but I'm in a bit of a pickle. Thanksgiving is in the crosshairs and yesterday I realized that I'm out of hickory chunks. I will look for local sources tomorrow, but baring success with that, I may need to improvise with wood chips (if it is even worth it). I did try to have some chunks overnighted from CS but when I saw that the shipping charges would be about $150 for 20 lbs of wood, well....

So, I've searched the forum and read that chips are actually good for cold smokes and short smokes. But, folks - I'm responsible for a 10 lb turkey breast!!! From what I've read here, if I HAVE to use chips I need to wrap them in heavy duty aluminum foil with a small hole or 2 punched in it. Should I adjust (increase) the weight of the wood to compensate for the faster burn of the chips? Or will that just make for a more bitter taste to the outside? I'm thinking I'll just have to offer my apologies to the family for a less-than-ideal amount of smokiness to an otherwise moist & tasty bird.

BTW - using a model 55.

Any suggestions? Warnings? Condolences?

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Thanks, folks. Did not know the big boxes had chunks. Good info.

Wheelz, another embarrassing confession (in addition to running out of hickory)is the fact that I'm nature-impaired. I can't identify one tree from another, especially now that the leaves have fallen.

My sister's boyfriend bought a CS smoker a couple of years ago after seeing mine. I dawned on me that he probably has some chunk wood on hand. As he will coming down from Chicago for Thanksgiving, I called him tonight and asked him to bring a couple of chunks of apple wood. I'll go by one of the big box stores tomorrow to see what I can find.

Again, thanks for the help.

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