Had my smokette elete 025 for over a year and just love it. Noticed lately that at times the wood doesn't smoke much or turn to ashes. Next time works great. My PB's get done on time. Just got done with 2 4lbs PBs. Took about 9 hrs at 225. 3 chunks of wood and it only charred about 1/3 through and very little smoke flavor. Whats up
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First check to see if your element is touching the wood box when installed, it should to produce good smoke, if not bend it up a little so it does. If that's not your problem I would try a different wood, something that is known as being properly seasoned.
Will give it a look. Do you also think that with the high humidity the wood has picked up some moisture. I smoked baked beans with a couple of left overs from the time before and they were all ashes after a couple hours. Thanks Bubba, they call me Grone
No problem Grone, and yes I wouldn't doubt it a bit if they picked up some moisture from the humidity. I sometimes put some pellets in my box to get some extra smoke off the git go. The pellets start smoking at about 100 degrees and are gone really fast, I think it helps on giving a nice clean burst to my smokes on start up.
I have had the same problem with my 025.....and my neighbor who has an 025 also is experiencing the "no smoke" syndrome. I cooked a port butt and had the meat cooking for over 14 hours. The meat was cooked and very tasty when I pulled it--but little smokey flavor. The wood was blackened but it had not burned at all. Again, same situation with my neighbor--although she was doing some ribs and only a four hour cook.

We had a long "over the fence" discussion and attributed the lack of smoke to the weather. Not sure this is the case--but it makes sense to us. The temperatures have been extremely high...95°+ with high humidity. We think that the good ol' cookshack heats up...and the wood starts to smoke. But then once it hits temperature...it says there and the electric element doesn't come on. Thus the electric element doesn't keep the wood burning. We both have had our smokers for over a year and have not had this problem before. Last summer the temperatures were pretty mild and we had no problems at all.

So...for now this is our assessment. We are hoping for things to cool down a bit so we can see if this might be the problem. Anyone else think this might be the case?--
I too, wonder about the humidity letting the wood draw some moisture. I think it would be nice if or friend DMassey was here, because I remember him telling someone that they could take moisture out of the wood by using microwave.

I'm gonna put mine in front of the dehumidifier for a little while and then store in air tight bucket. That should help.
I am going to smoke some ribs tomorrow and see how things go. Heat has dropped into the mid to high 80°s....so I am going to give it a try. Also our local hardware store has started carrying big bags of apple, cherry and pecan chunk wood. I bought a bag of pecan and want to see how it flavors the meat....so stay tuned!
I know it is a sin, and it increases cooking time, but try opening the door and letting some heat escape. The element will kick on to bring the smoker back up to temp and will heat the wood chunks to the smoking point again. I assume it also releases moisture and increases oxygen levels...but I'm just guessing. I found out, by accident last evening, that this increases the wood combustion rate in my SM025.

I also read on this forum that you could dry out wood chunks *in your smoker* by setting it to a low temp.


I'm gonna put mine in front of the dehumidifier for a little while and then store in air tight bucket. That should help.

Watch out for mold as that air tight container will keep moisture in as well as keep moisture out.

My 6ft x 6ft furnace room is just off the garage and runs about 100 degrees year round. When I buy unseasoned wood I lay it out on the copper pipes in the furnace room to dry. I leave the window in the furnace room door open year-round.

I keep my wood in open-topped cardboard boxes, plastic buckets, or mesh bags (like onion bags). Never had any mold problems.

Talked to Tony from CS. He stated that when it is hot outside that the element cycles off too much thus not heating the wood. Gailmo you were right on. He stated to cut down the chunks a little more and make sure you put them on the hot spots in the wood box. He also stated to make sure your element was as close to the wood box as possible. Bubba your right on. Called and left a message before I ever tried the forum. Tony from CS called me at 800 am on the spot. Gave me the same infor all you did. Thanks again. Grone
Well I got something right for the day, I'm telling you the pellets smoke big time and fast in the 025, they just don't last long, good to get it going though.
Wow! I finally got something right!

Just an update....to confirm what the Tony at CS told Grone (above). I cut my pecan chunks a bit smaller today and also pulled the heating element up "just a bit". Put the ribs in at 10:20am because the temperature outside was climbing quickly. I opened the door at the 2.5 hour mark and checked the wood. It was smoking, but I adjusted (flipped) some of the pieces and quickly shut the door. Smoke started again. I think I had the door open for less than 1 minute. I pulled the ribs at the four hour mark and now they are foiled, toweled and sitting in a cooler waiting for the gang to arrive about 6pm.

So....no tasting yet, but I think I (or should I say we) have this "no smoke" issue figured out. Just to recap: The temperature outside is below 90° and the humidity is not as @#$% high today. Thus the wood seemed to burn perfectly. Now the challenge is to try to not smoke on those HOT daze when ribs and a beer seem to be the perfect meal.
Hi all,

Have been a 009 owner for about 1.5 years, and have experienced the same "no smoke" issue described off and on. This week, thanks to everyone here in the Forum, was able to solve it successfully by gently bending the heat element toward the wood box, as well as changing my wood chunks out to new ones. This Forum group rocks!

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