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My only BBQ resource is this forum. Why shouldn't it be with the vast information that dates back at least 10 years. (what's the oldest post you can find?)And the cool people who have and continue to contribute.

I am curious what other BBq resources online do people use? In a previous thread someone linked to another forum, and I was amazed at some of the cool information on the site. So what gives? What other cool sites do you use?
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Hey Padrefan.

Here's the sites I have bookmarked:

Amazing Ribs
Barbecue N on the internet
Barbecue Pit Boys
Barbecue by Dan
Deejay's Smoke Pit
Deejay's Smokin Book.pdf
Dr Barbecue on
The Smoke Ring
The Virtual Weber Bullet

Take a look and see what interests you.

I spend 95% of my time on this forum to get information, instructions, recipes, general sharing, bantering and a few laughs. I only use the other sites primarily for recipes or ideas.

Those that aren't shown as a .com, probably are. Google the title if all else fails. A lot of times I'll google recipes and convert to smoking them.

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