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Hey, we've talked before in these forums about what everyone's favorite store-bought Q sauce is. But what about meat spices?

What widely available store-bought meat spice do you like to sprinkle on your pork or brisket or steak before eating? I'm not talking about a rub unless you also like to sprinkle the rub on the sliced meat after it's cooked.

I've read that lots of people like to use Montreal steak seasoning on their smoked meats. Is that a crowd favorite? I've heard others mention that they like Lawry's seasoning salt on most meats ... is that a popular one?

What are some other spice favorites besides the usual salt and pepper?
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I too am partial to Montreal Steak on brisket. It seems to work "in" very well. Ironically, I havent tried it on a steak yet. On butts I still like CS's pork rub. Our chicken gets mayo & CS pork rub for the wife & daughter. On my chicken thighs I use a 50/50 mixture of CS Chicken rub & something called Orange & Habenero spice. And yes, it's HOT. I am still undecided on ribs. The wife just prefers Lowreys. I like the CS pork rub and some Orange & Habenero. And we still prefer our ribs "wet" vs dry. I'll cook them for 4 hrs at 225* meat down. Pull them, turn meat side up. Slather with sauce & back in they go for 1.5-2 hrs at 225*. Did these again last Sunday and they were delicious. Old habits (wet ribs) are really hard to break.

WHAT??? Put some after product on my quality cooked meats?

Interesting question. I'll learn something from this one.

I'll have to think about this one, everything I put on mine I'd classify as a rub the way you explained it, putting it on before/during cooking. Sauces are about the after product.

Cadillac, I'd love to. If cookshack wants to back me up, I'll take a trip to everyone who owns a CS in a restaurant. You listening CS?'re crusin' Liquid Smoke, yeah right. Ha...Ha...real funny. Another topic on my "not for me" list.

Actually, I know of more than one comp cook who uses the stuff, mixes in their sauce to get a smoky flavor. I usually tell them...well why didn't you just smoke it Frowner

I've been enjoying that new Tone's Chipolte Seasoning from Sam's as an add on to rubs and also as a sprinkle to the pork butt or chuck roll meat after it's pulled to jack things up a bit. Great flavor and a nice mild heat to it, very good all around, well worth the purchase. Also great sprinkled on a cream and bagles or on the ABT's too.

Just tried some of my own home made Greek seasoning on a New York strip steak last night for dinner. Put in on before and after the grilling. It was delicious, just like my grandfather used to grill it when I was a kid.

Never wanting to miss a good opportunity, I'll give Cavender's a try. Thanks for the heads up.


I'd probably suggest a new thread. That way, you can title it what you want andpeople can find it. Buried at the bottom of another thread won't get seen as much.

It's kinda on topic, but when you post a recipe, that section would be best.

You could post it in the Open forum or in the Recipe section (my suggestion)

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