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I have the PG500. I only use zone 1 and zone 4. Everything that I make can be done in those 2 zones.

I use zone 1 for grilling only. I will throw frozen burgers directly on there. Mostly I do two stage cooks. Zone 4 to cook/smoke indirectly and then zone 1 to sear/grill.

My favorite example is steaks. I start off in zone 4 at 200 degrees. When my internal meat temp is 115, I remove the steaks and crank it up to 400 degrees. Remember that zone 4 is 400 at that setting but zone 1 could be 450 to 500. I then put the steaks back on zone 1 for 2 minutes per side. The result is the best steaks you will ever eat.

I use zone 4 to bake chicken thighs. 375 degrees for 1 hour. Yummy crispy skin with just enough smoke flavor.

I will also do a two stage smoke on fresh burgers, tri-tip, fish, brauts, carne asada, etc.

Enjoy your new machine. I know the wait must be killing you.
I'll cut up some taters into 1' cubes and put some butter, garlic,salt, and pepper in a foil pouch with them. I'll use zone 2 and place them there when i start warming up the grill. It takes them about 1 hour to cook, I cook at 300*(turn a couple times). You can grill chicken, hamburgers, steaks,etc. on zone 1 then....just add them when you need to start cooking to finish about the same time.

If the taters are done early, throw them in the warming drawer.

Thank you for your recommendations, now I know which zones to use for different cases. If we talk about cooking, I would like to consult you about an air fryer. My children love chicken and French fries, which can only be cooked in an air fryer. Their friends have such fryer and now they're asking me to buy one. And so, I found a cooking blog where you can find more information about it. Please advise me on the best option and I will be grateful for your advice.

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