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i have all the different cookshack pellets but can anyone tell me of a real good reputable company to get other flavored wood pellets from ?

im talking about like peach or cherry or pecan 100 percent wood with no fillers . there are so many on the internets and its kinda hard to pick the good from the not so good . in 20 or 40 pound bags ?

thank you .
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I'm using the 'this' reference above. They had on hand some bundles of 100 percent hickory. I would not be afraid of the blends. The 'pellet fuel' or even cookshack pellets contain majority percentage of oak. This is designed to stabilize the heat and makes for more even heat and less ash. I still get plenty of flavorwood flavor even though the 'cherry' pellets, for example' are 2/3rds oak.
Keep in mind, 100% is not always THE solution. You have to know that you'll get more flavor BUT you may lose BTU's. If you use 100% cherry with no base (oak, hickory) you'll have to use more pellets for temp.

Someone had a list of what was 100%, what was blend, haven't seen it in a while.

All I can say is NEVER use Traeger.
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thank you max i vacuum my fec after every time .
trouble stay away from my smoker .

smokin okie i just figured i wanted 100 percent of what i was paying for . are you saying some good could come from a blend without losing flavor ?

i appreciate the flavor i get with my fec but i sure dont want no less flavor i like it just the way its coming .
One option you might try are the CS/FE Mesquite pellets. Same pack, same price. They have a bit more smoke oomph compared to Hickory.

RibDog's suggestion of the Fast Eddy 100% Hickory pellets may fit the bill as well. I tried 2 10# bags about a year ago. They do have a bit more kick vs the CS/FE Hickory pellets and the ash residue wasn't bad at all. You need to purchase them from Fast Eddy, not Cookshack
Originally posted by JC123:
.. are you saying some good could come from a blend without losing flavor ?


Hmmm... I'll have to just throw some thoughts out, and keep thinking...

First to answer your question. It depends. It's really your taste buds that tell. Do you REALLY taste a difference? You need to match what you need to fit your tastes. You will see a difference in the types, but pay attention to ash, to how much per hour, etc etc. There ARE benefits of blends.

Flavor. That's a tough one. If you think it needs more smoke, then it needs more smoke. But 100% wood doesn't mean better smoke. It just means one flavor profile.

SO, as I think are we saying you get better smoke from a blend vs a 100%, then we have to divide smoke from flavor somehow.

In my classes of 250+ total students, only twice have I had a student comment about a lack of smoke flavor from my FEC. Let's see 248 to 2. I'll take those averages.

But the key is really you. If you need more smoke, there are SO many elements.

We've discussed them, now let's look at flavor.

Flavor and smoke aren't the same, to me. Are you wanting more "smoke" flavor, then stick to the heavier woods (oaks, mequite maybe hickory). Fruit are at the bottom in terms of intensity.

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