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So basically, you're about 4" short of what your racks will handle. As Smokin suggests,trim off the point and set it over the remaining brisket. The rendering fat will baste the flat a bit

The point is the narrow/thick end of the packer. If you have questions, post 'em and someone will answer.

All but 1 Cookshack smokers are designed and come with 18" racks :::subtle hint Smiler :::
There are folks that separate point and stack it on the rack above the flat.
Others might separate and rest it directly above,resting on the meat.

If you aren't used to these techniques,depending on the flat width,you might be able to set it diagonally on your rack.

Even without trimming,you might have a good 18" diagonal width of rack to work with.

From the sounds of the packer,it might be about the size of a standard keyboard.

A packer ain't brain surgery,and it doesn't mind being wallered around a mite. Big Grin

It will also shrink some.

Just a couple of thoughts.

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