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As usual, Todd knows stuff.

Our tech guys are the best,and they'll sit on their watts line for hrs,helping you adjust replace,etc.

When done with tech,think about your cook loads.

Much of our regular conversation,is about newer folks, cooking one butt/brisket,etc.

We talk in terms of putting that one piece,straight from the reefer,to the cooker-for more smoke,smokering,etc.

Your cooker will hold about 135 lbs of bulk meat,which is a huge heatsink-like Todd said.

Now,if you have plenty of time-you just adjust for it.

Others may set the meat on the counter,until it gets closer to cool room temp.

Some, will also preheat the cooker, for about an hr,as much as 100º above your planned cook temp.

They may also plan to cook 25º-35º above their regular planned cooking temp.

Once you get that full load to temp-it cooks very evenly,and door openings don't really lose much heat/time.

Good luck and trust the tech guys.

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