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Just did my first brisket without foiling at 160˚ and came out very good! It had a decent bark and lost very little moisture. it was a 6.7# choice flat. Used 3 oz of oak. Cooked at 225˚ at first but temp seemed to be climbbing too fast so I knocked it down to 200. Total coooking time was about 8.5 hrs, taking it to 190˚.

Now I did foil after pulling just to let it rest for a bit, probably about 1.5 hours. It sliced well and has plenty of moisture. Definitely not dry at all.

Going to try to post a couple of pics.

Yeah, I know my slicing needs some work but "hey!" even the thick pieces were very tender!!! Big Grin
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Originally posted by KCAL56:
I Texas crutched it for a change of pace. Came out great...sorry, Okie. Red Face

I'm not a fan of foil (I think I'm on record) BUT...

If it helps you, then use it. Briskets are tough enough, if you're not having success with one method and try another.

The end result is what matters (unless you're boiling the ribs, then I WILL draw a line)

Glad that it worked.
Bought a bag of "Chinese" charcoal at the local Mart-Mart for grilling ... big mistake! I threw it away -- the stuff smelled like burning sulpher!
I use Kingsford or Royal Oak for a smoke ring ... only one briquette per load has worked for me.

That's really strange. Most Chinese and Indonesian lump is longer burning, hotter burning and has absolutely no odor whatsoever. I used it for years in my offset. The stuff they sold you must have been made from compressed bat guano. Big Grin

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