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Just purchased 20 racks of frozen Smithfield SL cut spares for 2.59/LB. Then the guy goes in the back to pull some cases, and each rack inside the case has a 2.00 per rack coupon (from the factory, with some sort of peach rib recipe on the back of it). So that was 40.00 off the whole order. So figured it up and it came out to be 2.08/LB for the SL cut spares. Each rack was between 3.0 and 3.58LBS. Not bad. They're thawing now and I'll smoke tomorrow, after the pork butt gets done. Food Lion Grocery store by the way. I might have to buy another freezer and stock up. Big Grin
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Good luck and blessings on you SLs this weekend Grux. I just opened all mine, thank goodness they thawed in time. No cryovac sour smell, they all looked good and fresh, although they were frozen and none had a slimy feel. I removed all the membranes and rubbed them down with some McCormick apple wood cut with some tribino sugar and thru in a little cookshack spicy chicken rub. You guys can tell, that I'm really scraping the bottom of the barrel (or back of the shelf) for rub. I really need to order some more. I need to pull at 530 pm today, so I'll put them on around 11am at 180 for an hour then up to 225 till done. I'll space them out in three Rib Racks. The Butt is still on, chugging along nicely, up to 185 internal. I'll pull it at 1000 when I get home, foil and cooler for dinner. We'll see how they go.

I've got four hot racks out the door at 530 to folks that are coming by. We're eating six tonight with the butt for our get-to-gather, three are going to the preacher's house tomorrow and the rest are getting individually vac. sealed and taken to work for disbursement on Monday. Folks are really catching on to this heat-n-serve thing.
Ok, ribs are done, big get-to-gather is done, remainder of the ribs will be vac sealed when cooled off.
Pulled the butt at 10am and put the ribs in at 1130 on 180 with hickory mix pellets. Smoked for 90 minutes and boosted to 224. Pulled the first racks at 520pm and the rest at 6pm. All were wonderful. Here’s a pic of the ribs. Nice smoke ring, pink all the way thru. Taste was amazing, as usual. The FEC can make a chef out of the anyone!


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