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I don't come here often but I thought I'd drop a line... I was smoking a batch of venison jerky last night and made me wonder how long I've had the smoker.... 5 years...

It sits out on my deck and is always ready. It stays plugged in and the only time it leaves the deck is to travel to the mountains on my yearly hunting trip.

I must admit I'm lazy and it sits uncovered for 365 days a year in the rain, heat, cold, snow and occasional hurricane. The inside walls have never been cleaned (and they never will be.)

I'm convinced the unit is completely weather proof although I wouldn't suggest you abuse yours like I do mine.

I remember worrying about the first rain or two... and smoking in bad weather... I've had to clear snow off of it to get it going....I've smoked in downpours with no covers or vents....

Today and tomorrow I'll be smoking a wild turkey and some corned venison (to turn it into pastrami) The smoker will be loaded into the truck Friday to go to the mountains and so some more work....

It has been a fabulous and indestructible piece of equipment that takes more abuse than the average person can dish out. (or would even consider..)


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