Just got the tube smoker and was hoping some of you that uses one could give some insight on your cooks with it. I got the 6" tube, it smoke's for 2 hours,and plan to do some practice runs with it this week. I normally do a 2 stage cook for butts and brisket(180 for 6-8 hours and hold at 250 till done) in the FEC-100. I will use hickory in the hopper and cherry in the tube. If I use the method above with the tube will I have to much smoke? My cooks turn out really good with the method above without the tube. I'm just trying to add another flavor of smoke to my meats but I don't want it to be overpowering.
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I use the 18" Tube (6 hours of smoke) and have never over smoked the meat. The important things are to keep it away from the door/front and make sure that meat doesn't overhang the drip tray. Grease on the bottom can catch the tube on fire and burn up the door gasket if too close. Wood blends (oak base) burn better. 100% Cherry can smolder out.
I've got the 18" tube as well and it works great for a two-stage cook. Want to keep it a little elevated so that it burns evenly from front to back.
I got a 12", and it goes around 4 hours. Been running 290 and using the tube to throw out some extra smoke.

But when I run at 225, I don't see the need for it. Great smoke flavor on long runs. That's with the FEC.

I have been placing the tube on the first shelf.

I have a 12" tube and place it longways, front to back, just to the left of the ramp on top of the air plenum. I think it definitely enhances the smoke. I've never had it go out and it works great. Recently smoked some homemade bacon at 180° with apple pellets in the tube and it turned out fantastic.
I use the 12" tube for cold smoking salmon and trout.

After the brining/pellicle formation process (2-3 days) I place the fillets on racks, and ignite the tube smoker. No heat from the FEC100 is needed. If the outdoor ambient temp if over 80, I place a hotel pan of ice below the fish.

The end result is always fabulous. Trout takes about 2.5 hrs...salmon about 5.
Whatever I have on hand which is usually Hickory or Mesquite. Cherry pellets would lend a bit of color but when presenting 3 slices of salmon on a plate...each about 1/16th on an inch, the color factor becomes negligible.
I just ordered a tube smoker for my Smokette 025. Anyone have any experience using a Amazen pellet tube smoker in the small 025. Did it continue to smoke over a period of time or did it get smothered with the lack of air flow?
In an earlier post I was describing making sausages. Because sausages when smoked need a very low temp that does not ignite the wood. You start at 130 degrees for an hour without smoke. Then slowly increase temp at half hour intervals to a max of 170 degrees. Your are looking for an internal temp of 152 for sausages. Any higher temp will allow the internal fat to leak out and make for very dry sausages. One suggestion was to use chips at these low temps but they did not ignite. Since the 025 has a rather small smoke chamber, I was concerned with using a baffle and pan of ice which would take away area for hanging sausages. So far my research suggests the Amezen tube smoker may work wonders. I have ordered one. Will advise when I test it. Thanks all, for the input. Great board. Continuing my smoking education.
Preliminary test of Amazen Tube Smoker. Got it yesterday and immediately put a few chunks of cheddar, and other cheeses in my Smokette with the tube smoker. I don't think I fully lit the pellets but sure did make a lot of smoke. To keep the temp down I also put in 4 bags of "cooler ice," to keep the temp down. Temp stabilized at 74 degrees. Maintained smoke for three hours and then pulled the cheeses. Vac wrapped and put them in reefer to mellow. The tube smoker put out a prestigious amount of smoke. I purchased the 18" version and it only burned about 1/4 of the way thru by the time I pulled the cheeses. I am looking forward to using it to smoke some sausages, low and slow. So far I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs smoke at very low temps.
Ok, now you got my attention. Got to get me that tube smoker. BTW where do you guys buy your pellets for this thing and do you need a torch to get it started.
The tube came stuffed with my choice of pellets and I purchased an additional 2# of hickory directly from the Amazen. That is not Amazon. After that, I will have to decide. They have a money back guarantee also. If not happy send it back for a refund. Happy Smoking.
I forgot to answer about using a torch. I have a small handheld torch that I used to use when soldering pipe. Works great.
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Currently in the middle of cold smoking some jalapeno beef snack sticks. Recipe says to heat for an hour, no smoke at 130 degrees. Used 140 and vented the door for an hour. After one hour increased the temp to 140 and lit the Amazen Tube smoker with a small welding torch. Wow. After 5 hours still smoking and have raised temp in 025 to 170 degrees. Sticks will be done when internal hits 152. Then cold bath and into the reefer overnight. I was concerned if there was enough air flow in the 025 to maintain the embers in the tube smoker. No problem, keeps on tickin' like the Bulova watches did when John Cameron Swaze (sp?) sold the watches on tv in the 50's. Anyway, works great. Will try some other cold smoked items as time allows.
The snack sticks came out just great. I ordered the 18" version and realized it was too long for my little smoker. I just spoke with Amazen Products and they will exchange for a smaller one at no charge. I had already used it once.
Can't ask for better service from them. Can't recommend them highly enough. Product works great. Thank you all for recommending it to me. Off to the smoker.
Has anyone tried the Smokin Wedgie. It tucks in the corner and puts out a lot of smoke. Also, lighting it with a heat gun really gets the smoke cranking.
Originally posted by Seth Fischer:
Has anyone tried the Smokin Wedgie. It tucks in the corner and puts out a lot of smoke. Also, lighting it with a heat gun really gets the smoke cranking.

This is a BBQ forum paid for by Cookshack, please do not come on here trying to pedal your products....thanks!
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My apologies. I am honestly curious if any Cookshack users have tried it. I didn't post any links or anything. I will refrain from that type of post.

I don't see that 'pluggin' the wedgie is any different from mentioning the 'tube'. Personally I don't see the need for either in cold smoking, as I already have a wood box where I can start a briquet or 2 and throw wood chips in the box and let it smoke at a very low temp.
I bought some stainless steel mesh and formed a box... I put pellets in, torched a corner to ignite it and put it in my FEC 120 along with a pan of ice... Two hours the ice was still there, the pellets were still tossing out smoke and the block of cheese was cool and smokey!
There was trial and error, and I had to organize a little maze inside the box so the pellets would not burn too quickly. It worked very well...

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