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Well this last weekend I competed in my 3rd contest with my FEC100. The hot days and 30 mph winds didn't help. It is 2 contest at 1 site. KCBS and an IBCA, 2 contest, 2 sets of judges, 2 turn in boxes, same day. Alot of work but really fun to do.
I finished crossing the stage 4 times. On the IBCA recieved 5th for pulled pork and 2 other final table calls.
on the KCBS I recieved 3rd on ribs, 10th on brisket, 7th on chicken, 5th over all.
Just like to say thanks to the people of Perkins, OK and to the only other FE cooker on site that helped me thru an ignition problem thats Russ (Smokin Okies). He to crossed the stage several times I think 5 ribbons. Congrats and again thanks Russ. So Us FE cookers had a stong showing.
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Glad to help David. Nice to have another FE around. Although now that you've bested me in a more help Wink

Would have reported sooner, but the forum was down (didn't you hear?)

Yeah, I guess David and I aren't too smart, doing this large of a contest by ourselves. However, he had his brother and son there to help for some of it. I however only had me, myself and I.

David did great, 5th overall, just ahead of me (I tanked in pork bad and I've been placing, but both IBCA and KCBS pork turn in was the same time and I KNEW it wasn't going to place).

Here are the full details. Note the scores were pretty low overall, but they we low for all of us:

Good day for me. Hadn't been getting too many calls, but got 5 out of 8 possible (they were joking they were getting tired of seeing me walk to the stage). KCBS I got 8th in Chicken, 5th in Ribs and 4th in Brisket. IBCA I got 9th in Chicken and 5th in Ribs.

Twin Oaks Smokin Crew takes the KCBS Meat in the Middle, and enjoys Grand Championship of Meat in the Middle (KCBS &IBCA).

Meat in the Middle
Perkins Oklahoma

1Dewey Cheatham & Howe 165.1430
2Throw Down Cookers 158.2858
3Connoisseurs of Fine Swi 157.1430
4Buffalo's BBQ 155.4286
5Iron Wheel Cookers 155.4286
6Twin Oaks Smokin Crew 154.2858
7 Butcher BBQ 153.7144
8 Smokin Okies 153.1428
9Taste-less Cookers 151.4290
10Sauce Plant BBQ 150.8572

1Sauce Plant BBQ 169.7144
2Twin Oaks Smokin Crew 168.5712
3 Butcher BBQ 167.9998
4 -n-Bones 160.5712
5 Smokin Okies 160.0002
6 Touch of Smoke 157.1428
7Dewey Cheatham & Howe 156.5716
8Feeding Frenzy 154.2858
9Smokin Bones 153.1432
10Turnin-n-Burning 153.1428

1Twin Oaks Smokin Crew 169.1426
2 The Smokedelics 161.7142
3B-Man's BBQ Team 158.8572
4Throw Down Cookers 157.7144
5Dewey Cheatham & Howe 155.9998
6Buffalo's BBQ 155.4284
7Feeding Frenzy 154.8574
8Taste of Texas Cooking T 154.8570
9Turnin-n-Burning 153.7146
10Ring of Fire 153.7142

1Old Coaches163.9998
2Sauce Plant BBQ158.8570
3Buffalo's BBQ158.8570
4 Smokin Okies158.2856
5Twin Oaks Smokin Crew158.2856
7Throw Down Cookers150.2854
9B-Man's BBQ Team149.7140
10Butcher BBQ147.9998

Grand Champion
1Twin Oaks Smokin Crew 650.2852

Reserve GC
2Sauce Plant BBQ 628.5716

3Dewey Cheatham & Howe 623.4286
4Buffalo's BBQ 622.8568
5Butcher BBQ 619.9996
6Throw Down Cookers 617.1426
7 Smokin Okies 611.4284
8 The Smokedelics 599.4288
9-n-Bones 599.4282
10Feeding Frenzy 597.7144

IBCA winners -

Overall IBCA Champion: Phillip Bock, Turnin-N-Burnin
Reserve IBCA: Jason Hering, Feeding Frenzy

Jeff Shivers, Taste of Texas
Phillip Bock, Turnin-N-Burnin
Jeff Castillo, Dewey Cheatham & Howe
Brian Cooper, B-Man's BBQ Team
Jason Hering, Feeding Frenzy
Mike Hayes, Smokedelics
Rusty Coates, Throwdown Cookers
Michael Laws, Connoisseurs of Fine Swine
Bart Clark, Twin Oaks

Phillip Bock, Turnin-N-Burnin
Jason Hering, Feeding Frenzy
Rusty Coates, Throwdown Cookers
Jerry Bethell, Old Coaches
Russ Garrett, Smokin' Okies
Ron Liss, Taste-Liss Cookers
Michael Laws, Connoisseurs of Fine Swine
Jeff Shivers, Taste of Texas
Jay Potts, A Touch of Smoke
Donny Teel, Buffalo's BBQ

Darcy Hicks, Ring of Fire
Bart Clark, Twin Oaks
Mike Hays, Smokedelics
Jeff Shivers, Taste of Texas
Jeff Castillo, Dewey, Cheatham & Howe
Ron Liss, Taste-Liss Cookers
Don Will, Smokers Wild
John Coughlan, Iron Wheel Cookers
Russ Garrett, Smokin' Okie
Jerry Bethell, Old Coaches

Brian Cooper, B-Man's BBQ Team
Bart Clark, Twin Oaks
Jerry Bethell, Old Coaches
Jason Hering, Feeding Frenzy
David Bouska, Butcher BBQ
Don Will, Smokers Wild
Jeff Castillo, Dewey, Cheatham & Howe
Phillip Bock, Turnin-N-Burning
Ron Liss, Taste-Liss Cookers
Darcy Hicks, Ring of Fire

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