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Small local grocery chain a few towns over is having a Hatch Chile roast this weekend. I LOVE Hatch chile's! Anyone have any good recipe's to use them? BBQ or not, doesn't matter. The fresh ones are THE best!

Back in December, Jewel, one on the local chains here had the 4oz. cans of Hatch brand chile's mis-marked for .39 each. For about three weeks I bought ever can they had, til they realized they weren't priced correctly. They are now $1.39, basically the same price as all the other brands.
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Andy, I've lived in NM for over 30 years. If you are getting them roasted, you can freeze as is and they will peel beautifully (if well roasted) any time you want to thaw and use them. If they are not too broken up by the roasting process, I peel and stuff with slivers of cheese (jack or cheddar) from the stem end, then coat in flour, egg wash, and a flour/crumb mixture. Let sit a half hour to firm up the coating and pan fry in a half-inch of oil over med high heat till crisp and brown, hopefully before the cheese starts to ooze out. Drain briefly on paper towels and enjoy. Classic New Mexico Chiles Rellenos.

Next best is to peel, stem, and seed them and cut into dice. Saute some garlic and onions until translucent, add the chiles, season with oregano, cumin, and dried cilantro, add water or broth to the consistency you want, and you have green chile sauce for enchiladas, huevos rancheros, burritos, etc.

You can turn the sauce into green chile stew by adding ground lamb (classically), or beef.


Lots of green chile recipes on the web. Try
Goes well on beef and pork sandwiches.
Chile con Queso
Green chile Enchiladas
Green Chile Pork Stew
Chile Verde

You might go to YouTube and ask for Green chile recipes.NM,AZ,and CO have a bunch .They'll tell you which ones go with canned,frozen,or need to be fresh.

Now here is a sorta large group out on "the left coast" that organizizes contests of food s made with chiles,red ,or green.

I'd heard rumors that back in bigwheel's semi-retirement from bbq comps ,under the heat of the Terlingua hot sun and maybe adult beverages, that he slipped out there for the fun loving nature.

Of course,I defended bigwheel-knowing him to always be serious.

Here is a list of possibles for your canned green chiles.

Green Chile Recipes.
Great Link. I used to visit it a lot back when got into Chili for a while. In fact was the grand prize winner of my first beer joint chili cookoff using a recipe borrowed from a nice Eyetalian guy who hangs out there named Dago Red. Put five hundred bucks into the meat fund. Not that is has much to do with green Now regarding Sunny CA been there once many moons ago to visit my left wing big brother. Its pretty scary to drive out there because of the mattresses laying in the freeway which get loose from the roofs of migrating Okie Going to check out that green chile section as we speak. I will post the chili recipe over in the recipe section since I dont like to get nagged at.
Andy, you definitely should roast them before freezing, but peeling is not necessary until you thaw and use them, and is actually easier than peeling right after roasting. After freezing and then being thawed, the skins just slide right off.

To roast, I use my gas grill, all burners on high, but you can use a broiler inside too. I wash them in cold water first, and make a small slit with a knife near the stem end so they don't explode when roasting. Keep turning them around until the skin is well blistered and starting to blacken. You don't want them all black, but a little won't hurt and actually tastes great.

As they are done, transfer them to a covered pot or dish to steam under their own heat until the batch is finished. Let them cool and put in zip bags for freezing. Depending on how you want to use them, you can just pile them in the bag for later making sauce, or carefully line them up without breaking them if you want to later stuff them for rellenos. Enjoy! Hatch chiles are really special! I keep them in my freezer for over a year without problem.

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