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Just finished my first batch of bacon on then FEC 100. 20 pounds of belly, cured for a week with high-mountain Buckboard Bacon Cure. Rinsed for four hours and hung up in the garage overnight. Smoked at 160 for six hours to internal temp of 145. Not as Dark as I like it, but I'll bet I got more smoke penetraton and less-a layer of outside soot. We'll cool them down in the fridge and slice to take home for holiday gifts.


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Ok, we're on vacation with all the bacon to be used as gifts. We've devoured some of it. Not as smoky as I'd like. I used the pellets that came with the smoker. They were in white bags and said CS/Fast Eddie on the bag and were checked hickory. Any suggestions? I like the outside of my bacon a rich tan to light brown color and you can tell by the pic, that it was not. Should I change pellets? Temps? Any suggestions?
Good question on color. I not sure but thought someone said that Fast Eddie changed to 100% hickory. You might try a Coolhigher temp to burn more pellets for more smoke. You might try changing the smoke profile a little. I like a cherry mixture for a darker color. I've heard that Eddie's pellets are good. Just so you no-I'm all in on bacon.
jjjhacker. That post was about a year old. I've done bacon six ways of Sunday since then. I like cherry, and I think I could taste cherry wood flavor in the bacon. I have not done apple yet, but did a brisket with apple and really like it. I've been using 200 percent hickory with the bacon, turns out great. I use BBQ delight pellets. I don't like then 100 percent hick. with jerky, turns out too dark wit not enough of a red smoke color. The Suger maple was my favorite for jerky. Keep smoking!

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