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I went to to look for cherry and apple wood. For the Amerique smoker, should I get the "briquettes" which seem to be about 1.5 oz of pressed wood, or just go with the oddly shaped chunks ? Advantage of the bricks I guess is consistent size, but I wonder about what they add to it, plus shipping is much less. Chunks have higher shipping charges. Or I guess I can head into Houston to barbeques galore and buy some local, I remember the apple wood, but not the cherry.

By the way I have Hickory for pork/brisket, but was thinking of these fruity woods for chicken.
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Hello SmokeItAll,

Have you heard when you are getting you CS.

Tracking my Amerique now. It's schduled for delevery tomorrow. Big Grin

I have been using a SS gas smoker from Sam's the last couple of years and used the wood chips. I use pecan for my brisket and everybody loves it. Only problem is I have about 20lbs of these on hand. I think I will try useing them in the CS and see how they work. As for the briquettes, I don't know but I have used for my wood now for several years and have been very happy with them. They seem to have one of the most complete selection I have found. If the chips don't work I will go to the chunks that everybody on the forum and CS says use.

Waiting is the hard part of Qing with a CS! Razzer
Smoky thanks for that, I will contact them, Spring isnt far from me. No sense paying UPS to send wood to me when it is close to me. Toms, I havent heard yet, I ordered my Amerique June 12. I cant even smoke here with my existing New Braunsfel smoker, I know it will not compare. Off to the street with it !

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