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Thinking about trying these out for the heck of it. Anyone try them yet? Candy sells a cast iron pot with lid on it that you put the stix in and set on the edge of the fire pot in your FEC.

I'm curious to know just how much more smoke flavor it adds.

I used the FIND option.... but doesnt seem to be much talk about them.

Anyone use them?
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I've been using them for some time. My wife went to Wally world or one of those places and purchased stainless steel measuring cup. The sticks fit really nice in the 1 cup size. I just break or cut off a chunk that goes over the top of the cup. At our last comp, when it came time to clean up, there was still some hot coal in there. We use the 2 stage method of cooking the big meats, so it was in there from 9:00 pm Friday to 2:00 pm Saturday. I think it helps. We use Hickory.
Originally posted by Tom:
Candysue gave them away at some of the comps, when she started making them.We tried some and might still have a couple pieces scattered around.

Seem to do well at some of the pool/grilling stores where she sells pellets in the little flavor packs.

Did you like them when you tried them?
GaryT - Are you noticing much of a difference in the the smoke flavor in the meat? Do you actually see a higher volume of smoke coming from your smoker?[/QUOTE]

The smoke flavor has improved. The smoke coming from the FE may be a bit more, but the stick in in there smokdering while the fire pot is flaming, so it's hard to determine where the smoke is coming from, but for sure the stick is adding to it.
Sometimes I think that I don't taste the smoke right after it is done because my smell sensors have been smelling it for 12 or so hours and have become accustomed to it. That's probably just me, but when I eat some of the meat the next day, it is really there!
As a comp team,it never seemed to make much difference,and seemed to be the opinion of the cooks around us.

After awhile,most of us figured out to cook like Eddy designed the cooker,and not to get too involved with a bunch of side effects.

It is always fun to experiment and take good notes,and then decide for yourself.That way you won't wonder.

Seems like the cooks that make money,learn to cook the meat like the cooker was designed.

Taste/smoke will be subjective ,as to your needs.
I may be COMPLETELY in left field on this. If somebody has the actual science on this..... I'd love to hear it. So.......

Yes... I was one of those not happy with the smoke profile in the I started experimenting.

I tried a few cases of Candy Sue's smoke stix but in my opinion it was just more of the same smoke that I was getting from the pellets. Not much of a difference in flavor. I won't go into the Traeger pellets ..... everyone else....heard (did) of the 'creosote' or 'over smoked' flavor of the stick burners.
And 'GREEN' wood made it worse....... hmmmmmmmm

Since the sawdust is dried bigtime before they make the it the 'oils' in the 'GREEN' wood that gives it flavor????

I could smoke a brisket with typing paper made out of hickory pulp but is that gonna taste like hickory?
Didn't think so.

Hence I thought some pellets may have too much of the essence of the wood taken out of them via processing.
This drying is needed to keep the ash buildup to a minimum.

Therefore I started using the one small stick of green mesquite method. MUCH BETTER!

Since Mesquite has a more pronounced flavor....I tried the pellets. hmmmm better!!!

Even tho the mesquite pellet may be processed like the other woods...... It may be like diluting wine vs Everclear. Mesquite may have much more flavor to begin with.

So...... this is a thumbnail of my current theory. Certain to change

Seems like the cooks that make money,learn to cook the meat like the cooker was designed.

Well if that were true then the electronics are backwards and out of date for that. Thus the workaround with the Cook/Hold temps.

For the price the temp fluxuations and the archaic electronic interface need an update.

But then again we aren't supposed to discuss fixes to the flaws on this forum.

And Yes I'm now experiencing flame outs. An hour before turn in on one. Thank Goodness for rigging a stoker on mine.
David, you have issues and that's no fun.

Take them up with CS. CS POLICY is to discuss them with CS direct, not in the forum. After all they want to help you resolve the issue and they don't monitor the forum for that purpose (and I don't work for CS so it's not my job to take it to them for you).

99% of the people out there have zero issues. But you do and you need them resolved.

Call CS. Forum isn't the place for resolution, they will help you one on one.
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