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Congrats to Rod, here's his report from Bentonville.

FE won the BBQ Showdown, so he and DrBBQ are on a collision course...

Posted by Rodney on April 23, 2005 at 21:43:11:

10. Pellet Envy
9. Lotta Bull BBQ
8. Damn Yankees
7. Buffalo BBQ
6. Head Country II
5. Smokin' Triggers
4. Caveman BBQ
3. Smokin' B's
2. Twin Oak Smokin Crew
1. Three Dogs Smokin' Hog

10. Smokin' Triggers
9. Up In Smokes
8. T's Smokin Pit
7. Patrick's Lucky Butts BBQ
6. Just Havin' Fun
5. BS Bar B Que
4. Throw Down Cookers
3. Buffalo BBQ
2. Cookin' With Attitude
1. Bad To The Bone Too

10. Smokin' Dads (miked)
9. Pink Flamingo
8. Ring of Fire (Darcy)
7. Tom & Josh's Orgasmic Slabs (Steph)
6. Smokin' Triggers
5. Twin Oak Smokin' Crew
4. Four Men And A Pig
3. Smokin' 101 (Matt)
2. Royal Oak
1. Daniel's BBQ

10. Caveman BBQ
9. Hole In The Wall Cookers
8. Riblitz Movable Feast
7. Smokin' R's
6. Throw Down Cookers
5. Jerry King Midland TX
4. Smokers Wild
3. Brewers Smoking and Choking
2. Smokin' B's
1. Emerald Buffalo

10. Daniel's BBQ
9. Twin Oak Smokin' Crew
8. Smokin' 101
7. Buffalo BBQ
6. Cooking With Attitude
5. Smokin' Dads
4. Pellet Envy
3. Throw Down Cookers
2. Head Country II
1. Smokin' Triggers

Fast Eddy won the BBQ Showdown show they filmed in Bentonville. As many of you know, what you cook and what you cook on is a surprise that they unveil on camera. Well, they cooked pork butts. No biggie, right? They pulled the cover off of the "cookers" to reveal a pile of cinder blocks with some sheet metal, a grate, and a shovel. Each of the three cooks had to build their own cooker. It should really be a great show to watch.

Congrats to all that heard their names. Good crowd. No rain this year. The DU chapter does a really nice job with this contest.

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Thnx Russ. I didn't have it in me to post the results twice last night, so I was just about to post them here this morning. I was so tired, I didn't even think about just cutting and pasting.

Bentonville was fun. No rain for the first time in three years. A bit cold and kind of windy. Tough group of cooks there, but it's always that way. The Ducks Unlimited chapter did a really nice job of getting around to see if we needed anything (often).

Can anyone elaborate on Bentonville, here's our thoughts about Contest reports from an earlier post:

1. A short report about the contests itself, where it was how it took care of the contestants, just general info for others who might enter in the future.

2. What things could have been improved at the contest

3. Photos of the site, etc

4. Oh, and of course, the winners


5. Entry Fees

6. Prize Money

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