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Recent post in another forum listed a group of commercial rubs.

How many of these have you tried, and if so, which ones did you like or not like:

  • Smoking in the Dark
  • Flower of the Flame
  • Willingham's
  • Texas Rib Ranger
  • Dizzy Dust
  • Dixie Dust
  • Head Country
  • Double Q
  • Bone Smokers
  • BBQ Shack
  • Oklahoma Joe's - Cowtown
  • Mary's Gourmet
  • HomeBBQ
  • Arthur Bryants
  • The Slabs
  • Rib Stars
  • Timmis Spice
  • OBQ Texas Spice
  • Smokin' Guns
  • Masterbuilt
  • Corkeys
  • Butt Rub
  • Tom Ashton
  • Rock Ranch
  • Totaly Wild
  • Blue Hog
  • Paradise Ridge
  • K.C. Cow Town
  • Genuswine
  • Ole Ray's
  • Bold-R. Dash
  • Wizards BBQ
  • Bilardo Brothers
  • Texas Spices
  • Lynch BBQ
  • Happy Holla
  • Western Sizzle
  • Cookies
  • Horizon
  • Hi Mountain
  • Klondike Pete's
  • Uncle Earnies
  • Caldarello's Italian Spice
  • Sniders Prime Rib and Roast
  • Daddy Hinkley's
  • Dynasty Chinese Char Siu
  • Paul Kirks
  • Planters
  • Red Monkey
  • Smokers Wild
  • Mike Lakes Rub
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Big fan of Willingham's esp used in conjunction with his marinade in his book.

Corky's is the typical Memphis rub and it adds a wonderful subtle taste to all things Q.

My absolute favorite is the rub from the Rendezvous in Memphis - can be bought over internet and I was actually able to clone with help from an old article in Memphis magazine. Has a lot of interesting spices including paprika, oregano, cloves, mustard seed, etc - interesting Greek undertones.
Ran into Karen Putnam, aka Flower of the Flames, at the American Royal, and she was nice enough to share some of her rub AND sauce with me and a friend. Real good stuff!! Also like Bad Byrons Butt Rub, the t-shirt get's alot ot attention at work from the women. heh heh. Gave my smokette to a co-worker and he has turned into a mad scientist making new rubs and sauces. Now all I have to do is get him to buy a new computer and start sharing with everyone.
I've mentioned it before in another similar thread.. I love Pappy's Seasonings out or Fresno, CA.. so far, I like it better than any rub's I've tried.. as mentioned earlier.. I did some side by side comparisons using guests as another group of taste buds.. It has always been the hands down favorite. I'm now using it on pork, chicken, turkey and beef.. haven't tried it on fish yet. Only thing I change now is the wood.. Big Grin
I'll throw in a vote for Wizard's BBQ kickin' beef rub. I used it on my last brisket and its was great. It has some heat to it (hence the name...), but a great flavor. For ribs, I've been using Mary's Cherry Rub. It has a nice sweet flavor. I also like Blues Hog rub on ribs or butts.

Maybe not a rub, but a nice seasoning for steaks and brisket is Montreal Steak Seasoning. Sam's club sells a knock-off called Canadian Steak Seasoning that is just as good, and is sold in larger containers.
A couple that come to mind are local favorites , but at the same time they are readily available over the internet.
1. "Dancin Pigs" this is the rub and sauce that is sold at " The Bar B Q Shop" in Memphis.
2. "Strawberry's BBQ Seasoning" from Holcomb, Mo.
he has made quite a name for himself with his slow and low pork steaks........about 2" thick.

of course lets not forget our good buddy down in Little Rock....Papa Shaka. He has a variety of rubs at his shop and all are top notch.
I'm surprised that Fast Eddy's Championship Rub doesn't make the list here. I've used stuff like Butt Rub, stuff from Green mountain, etc., and other rubs on the commercial market. In the package for attending the Cookshack Restaurant and Catering Class, they included a bunch of Cookshack rubs, and also Fast Eddy's Championship Rub. Couple weeks ago, I was doing some butts for a graduation party, and used FE's CR. First rubbed it on over olive oil, wrapped overnight, then cooked. Also sprinkled the pulled pork with it prior to serving, and it caused a real taste bud party. It was like the best barbeque potato chip you'd ever eat, made better because it was wrapped around rich, moist pork. Because I was in a hurry, I pulled the butt on site, and sampled a chew or two prior to serving, and holy wango tango, it was gooder than s*&t, as my buddies at work used to say. Matter of fact, after I left, I got down the road and damn near turned around to go back and have some more. I'll be ordering the 20 lb offering from Cookshack tomorrow.....

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