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I just bought a used Smokette II from a guy who was getting transferred out of the area. All I got was the smoker and probe and a bag of wood chips. I threw the wood chips away since they were very slimy and had a pudgent smell to them. Cleaned up the smoker some this afternoon and pluged it in and got it to work. This is my first electric smoker ever, so not to sure about using it. Seems like the fun of tending it is gone, but anyways gonna give it a try. What I am looking for is a copy of the owners manual for the Smokette II. I have looked all over the site but never seen one.
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See if this will help out. Most would say to use this forum as your owners manual, just use the find button at the top left corner for a mountain of knowledge.

Congrats on the purchase and yes throw away the chips and get some wood chunks.

The Fun is not gone, but only about to start for you,REALLY!

This would be a good start on reading, along with Smokin's 101's.
Thanks, found it and got what I needed. Got some sausage in there now smoking at 130f. So far so good. Will throw in a point later tonight and see how that fairs.

The cold smoke baffle seems a little awkward to me. I am used to smoking at 65f using my smoker and letting the smoke come on and off with the smoke generator.

Good Q to you.

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