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Hi all, I need some advice. Placed a 6 1/4lb Brisket and some baked beans in at 225 degrees this morning at 8:30am. Stirred the beans at 10:30am and pulled them out at 12:30pm. They are delicious. Brisket hit 161 degrees at 1:45pm. I took it out, wrapped it in foil with some beef stock, put it back in to finish.

My question is...the temp dropped to 152 degrees and took until 2:45 to hit 161 degrees again. I tried my best to put the temp probe back into the same hole. Is it normal for temp to drop?

Any ideas on how long to hit 195 degrees? I know it's done when it's done but the family has to go to my wife's parents for dinner and I'm trying to figure my return time.
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Not sure why you pulled it to wrap at 161 deg. but you did compromise your timing a bit. At 161 deg. you were approaching the plateau but since you took it out you did not get through it. Your brisket could sit in the plateau for a few hours. It's impossible to gauge. Your post does not tell us if your brisket is a flat. You could be lookin' at 12 hours or more total time. Try not to open the door again until time to pull.

Try reading Smokin's brisket 101. Good luck!!!
i had the same thing happen in my sm150 doing butts. due to an emergency i got called into work and had to shutdown and got the same results as you. upshot of this was when i refired i only got to 180. i pulled it any way and they were somewhat overcooked.
since you are doing a flat and don't have the benefit of the fat from the deckle i sure would not go to 195f internal temp. poke the thing around the 180-185 mark. if your poker goes in ez you are there. briskets are like people,no two are the same, and the poke test is what i always go by at that temp mark. to be honest anymore i only foil my briskets if i am doing them in my fec and i only do that at the 180f mark when they are exceeding my 90 min per pound estimate. in the sm150 there is no drying air current so the crutch thing isn't needed.
hope it helps
Well I must be the luckiest guy around. Brisket sliced thin and was still fork tender. If it gets better than this I found a new favorite.

That's not all. My wife got me the seafood racks, jerky rods, sample box of woods, and relatives chipped in to get the 008 stand for me.

I am truely blessed.

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