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Is there a charcoal pellet that will work in an FEC100? If so, is the flavor like that of a charcoal/wood BBQ. How do they burn?? A lotta ash?? clean/dirty/ Sooty?? Just curious. cause I'd like to emulate what I've been used to with a stick burner occasionally. The idea of being able to use a combo of wood and charcoal pellets is intriguing...Actually, cooking over charcoal, the flavor comes from fats and juices burning over the coals. That won't happen with the charcoal pellets .... who's cooked with these?
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I guess all the years of being around cooks, I figured the charcoal was typically for heat and the wood was for flavor.

Some long offset cooks may keep a burn barrel to burn down their wood to coals and shovel that into their cooker and then add occasional wood for flavor.

Luckily,those of us that have "mini stickburners" have that handled and we can get on to cooking. Smiler

Yep ,grilling over charcoal,letting the juices/fat burn off as they hit the coals does produce the basic flavor on short cooks.

I guess being around Fast Eddy all these years and him trying countless combos, until he gets the one that is highly successful for many top comp cooks,caters,and vendors , can't picture me starting out and trying to reinvent the wheel.

As to CandySue selling smoke sticks,charcoal pellets,etc,remember her big market is selling to wallyworld and all the pool/patio stores that sell for gassers and small charcoal grills.

The gassers now have drawers for pellets and chunks,or places to put small bags of flavor pellets/chunks.

Cooks have tried to teach me to learn how my cooker cooks and how the product is supposed to cook and how it should taste.

Smokin' will preach after you do that,then maybe make small incremental changes to get a change you are seeking.

Just my $0.02

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