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Hey guys,

I bought my first chuck roll at RD yesterday and plan on making some pulled beef for sammy's on Monday.

I've seen SO's method for the smaller chuck roast, but I'm confused as to how I should cook this thing. It's 20lbs. which was the smallest I cook find!

Do I leave it whole or cut it up from the start? Do I put it in a pan around 165* or 170* and let it sit in it's juices?

How well does it reheat?

Thanks for your help!

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I just smoked a chuck roll a few weeks ago. It was a 30 lb. one, the smallest they had at RD at the time also.

I took the chuck roll and cleaned up the outside surface a little bit, but not much. I then cut the roll into three pieces and covered it with my rub. The three pieces went back into a plastic bag and on the ice for about six hours. It then went into my FEC at 160 for three hours to put a little extra smoke to it and then raised the temp to 225. Once it reached and internal of 165, I double foiled it and placed it back in the smoker. Once it reached an internal of 190-195, I took it out and let it rest in the cambro for about four hours until dinner time.

It got shredded at dinner time as easy as can be. I defatted the juices and added them back to the shredded beef. It was excellent!

BTW, you can pan it instead of wrapping it in foil. I was out of aluminum pans at the time and the foil worked just fine.
I try never to add any sauce to my smoked meats before serving them. That being said, I sometimes use a 50/50 mix of apple juice and sauce to put some moisture back in pulled pork if it has been on a buffet line too long.

So many of my guests know the quality of my smoked meats and many times eat the que with no sauce.

I put the chuck roll pieces on the FEC at 7 PM. I foiled them at 630 AM the next morning and then took them off completely at 10 AM. So just about 15 hours. But keep in mind that is with the lower temp to start off with. If you cook the whole time at 225, you can easily cut a few hours off the cook time.

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