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I'm a cook and not a Chef as Max is so I tend to go for convenience. Of my slaw recipes this is my wife's preferred.

1 bag of pre cut washed slaw (generally green cabbage and some carrots roughly cut).
1-2 TBS sweet relish (to taste)
2-4 TBS Kraft Slaw dressing (to taste)
2-4 TBS Brianna's Poppy Seed dressing (to taste)
Lawry's Garlic Salt (lightly, to taste)

The amounts on the garlic salt, dressings and relish are approximate, I typically don't measure. We tend to go for a dryer style of slaw. If you want a more creamy style add more of the dressings. The slaw is better after mixed and chilled and will become "wetter" as the salt will draw moisture from the cabbage.
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Depending on the volume, Marzetti on the shelf,or fresh and a couple lb bag of slaw mix is highly thought of by many.You can always tweak to suit.

Leaves more time to get on with cooking bbq .
Most vendors/caterers find that very few folks go to q places to eat the slaw.Often,much of it is tossed out after the event.

Just a thought.

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