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I currently have an Amerique and Weber Performer. Will the Fast Eddy pellet cooker be a replacement for both? I understand there is no probe or hold feature and when I smoke it's usually only for our family of 4 so a large capacity is not so important. I have limited space so I would like to have only one cooker on the patio.


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Yes, you could replace both (depending on capacity).

It will be a different kind of smoke as the AQ is a very humid smoker and the grill will tend to be dryer (because of the pellets).

Really just depends on capacity, but you could fit say 3 racks of BB, 2 racks of spares. 1 "maybe" two briskets. 2 butts. Really depends on the shape of them.

I do a lot of my smaller cooks on the FEPC without firing up the FEC

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