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Originally posted by Grux:
I just bought a new FEC-100 and was wondering if the Cookshack rubs and sauces that come with it are any good?

I sell almost all of the meat that I smoke and already have my "favorite" rubs and sauces. Thought I would get your feedback on them before I apply it to a load of meat!

Best method to see if you like them is to try them!
Asking someone else will only get you what they like vs what you like.
I love the Rib Rub on Ribs and Butts. it gives a nice bark on butts if you put it on thick with a good crunch. Put it on way too thick on ribs one time and It barked up the ribs. They were kinda darkish but boy they were good.

The brisket rub has lots of herbs in it. It is good, but a lot saltier than the rib rub. I like the chicken rub. I think it is basically the same as the rib rub, but with some heat in it. Careful, a little dab'l do ya with the chicken rub.

I think I'm going to try the FE's all purpose seasoning next time. It's a little cheaper.

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