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jjhacker, thanks for bringing up the subject of corned beef. I was just speaking about it today as I will be making a big dinner of it for St. Paddys day. I traditionally do it in my huge cast iron enamel pot, I have to make three. Are you gonna do the traditional thing and make cabbage and potatoes as well? This thread should get me in the right direction, thanks!
Nothing traditional. Have to keep people guessing. Besides I really don't like Cooked cabbage.
May smoke one of the rounds. Besides I am doing a BBQ for a religious community of catholic Men. They like my ribs. Wife will make cracked wheat bread. They cook will make the slaw & desert. Will be fun. Do this about once a quarter.

I smoke corned beef briskets all the time. It makes for great sandwiches. I am not sure about eye of round though. Couple of issues I have found.

Make sure you soak the brisket for a few hours, changing the water a couple of times or it may be too salty. I usually soak mine for four hours min.

It may be done a little sooner 185 or so if you want to slice it. Othewise it will flake apart when you slice it.

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