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Hi all. I have a RD cryo vac original sealed large flank in my very cold (33*) basement fridge. I think I've had it for close to 3 months. I did some research online and it seems as though it would still be good.

My intention when I bought it was to make jerky out of it when I got around to it. I wanna use it in the next few days.

I understand that it will smell when I open it. It hasn't seemed to turn any strange colors.

What I really wanna know is if I cure and smoke some jerky out of it am I in danger of getting anyone sick.

I couldn't find anything on line that says the beef has gone bad to the point of making someone ill. Im thinking a strong beef flavor and more tender would be a good thing for jerky.

Any opinions are greatly appreciated. Also, it has stayed at the low temp the whole time and there are no leaks in the original cryo from RD.

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If you knew the kill date you could know a little better.

It's on the FAR bit of even an extreme wet aging. Now you said cure, but I'm not sure curing will solve the potential issues.

But at 33, it was almost frozen, well below the normal aging temps recommended.

So, it's one of the risk it if you want, but I'd try some samples on someone with a strong stomach.

I know people that would us it, even as is.
I guess if you are wet aging for a particular reason then that could be a consideration,to have the conversation.

If it is to save the cost of the piece of meat,most would say trash it.

Some of the folks wet aging large comp briskets,or maybe large standing ribs,may have refrigerator/freezers set up for longterm wet aging and rotation.No auto defrost.

They know signs of possible leaks in the vac,etc.RD has been good for us,but tiny leaks are not unheard of.

Experienced food safety folks point out that when toxins have been established,it is like chlorox,rat poison, doesn't make it go away.

I can't even guess how many dollars of high end meats we've tossed into trash bins over the decades.Early on,I've taken folks to and visited some in the hospital from making the wrong decisions.

I guess old age takes the fun out of living on the edge. Wink
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I agree with everyone else....

Some comp cooks might push the envelope to 50-60 days on briskets in a true wet aging environment, but I don't believe anything good will come out of pushing the envelope as far as you a talking about in a frig. Whose to say that piece of meat didn't set in RD for 30 days?

But hey, it's you and your guests so do whatever you wish.

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