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I have a new CS 045. I love it have made made brisket, ribs, chicken and turkey so far. When I did brisket, it cooked faster than expected. I bought an oven thermometer for the next use. It appears that this registers around 10-15 degrees higher than the temperature that the CS registers. Is this normal? Should I speak to CS about this or simply set my smoker a bit lower?
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What makes you think that the oven therm is correct?

Also, regardless which therm is correct 10-15 degrees is unlikely to make a difference in the finished product, so I'd forget about it and cook something.

You can be the guy that makes the neighborhood smell great and cooks all the awesome food, or you can be the guy that has all his therms synchronized, you pick.
Not sure what you mean by Oven Therm, but if it's the little metal one's you put in, I wouldn't guarantee it's even within 10-15 degrees.

I'm with Todd, 10 to 15 is nothing in the BBQ sense. If you monitored it min by min, it would actually rise and fall.

You also said "cooked faster than expected". Based on what?

It's REAL hard to take someone else's times/temps and use them. You can, but only as a guide.

It depends on the temp you set, your environment (humidity) as well as the exact cut of meat, foil/no foil, etc.

Not to worry, just cook a few, take great notes and you'll build up your own set of times/temps for your methods

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