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So, we've been kidding around a lot in the Charbroiller section about my deck.

Have a read:

But here's the question. Why not?

We haven't done a CS reunion since the Houston NBBQA show (actually that's the only one) and maybe we could do something at my house.

Don't tell Mrs. Smokin'... LOL

I'm sure I can get CS involved.

Now to just come up with an idea and see if anyone would really vacation or quit their job to visit my deck... for real?

Now I don't have enough space for everyone to sleep at my house (you'd have to take care of that yourself) but what if we have something of a noon Saturday until whenever kind of party? Maybe even Friday night, all day Saturday. Hard to tell, especially for people traveling.

The #1 thing is everyone whats to EAT what we see. But that wouldn't be just my food. That would be everyone coming, cooking their specialty. Oh, there would be some adult beverages.

Obviously we'd have to use all the CS equipment I have. I could probably get a 500.

What would you like to do?

I've got more ideas, just thinking we ought to see if we would really do this.

Well, do we?

Who do you want there?
What do you want to see?
What do you want to eat?
What do you want to learn?

Here's the deck thread:
Smokin's deck thread
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The date is important.

I want to meet Donna, of course it wouldn't be a party without some of the CS crew and their families.

Always up to learning anything someone is willing to teach, just no tests or scraping chicken...LOL!

What to eat?...Buffet line

Wonder if there is any hotel close that CS could get us a group rate?

It wouldn't be until Spring and it'll be warm. Who wants to be out there in the cold.

Keep in mind, I'm not doing this to create a lot of work for ME. It would need to be more interactive.

we could sort out the menu easy enough.

For group rates, they would want some commitment on #'s.

I'm also thinking everyone contribute, during the day as well as bringing stuff.

Like Sauce. when we did the Houston thing, everyone brough a few bottles of sauce (or fedex them to me) and then we had a tasting. We had over 100 different bottles of sauce for tasting.
So, dates.

I'm thinking Mid-May (18,19) or Mid-June (23-24). Hard part is Memorial day and 4th of July a lot of families would rather do something else that weekend than eat BBQ (don't know why?). We could try to do a Holiday if that helps everyone, but it would be hard for some. Less vacation time over a Holiday.

Memorial Day would be less hot than OKC in July.

Let's talk it through then I put a poll up and vote on a date.

key is commitment. Head count is important.

We can talk it through, some up iwth lots of the details and finalize. I've email CS about this, waiting to hear from them too.
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I can't do it June 22,23. Sonja and I hope this will be our 1st taste of cooking comp that weekend...WooHoo!

The May 18,19 would work. Don't know if anyone is cooking Sam's contest in Lenexa that weekend?

I'm with you on doing it earlier as opposed to HOTTER weather.

We'll have to get Sonja to make a big batch of homemade rolls, a family secret recipe that has been handed down. Everyone always sayin', best they ever ate.

Are we having cocktail hour Friday evening? I'd love to hear any old comp stories/lies!
Originally posted by Cook One:
... hope I can circumnavigate the whole deck in a day. Is that possible????

In one day no, you tend to stop and stare a lot...

So, current date possibility are:

5/24-5/25 (Sat/Sun Memorial Day)

July 4th is on a Wed so that's out.

Other ideas for dates?

I know one date won't work for everyone, so speak up with alternative dates. We'll eventually vote.

Key thing is I want to keep this fun, for eating and not get as "instructional" as the class. That's too formal. My deck is about fun.
Just posted the poll over here:

Here are my thoughts (nothing set in stone, so just putting it out there):

Travel is tough trying to do something like this as you'll have to travel during Thursday or Friday; especially for you out of towners, so let us know if this Friday night/Saturday option works for you.

1. Once we have a count, I can call around to some close hotels and see what we can do for price.

2. Families. Families are welcome, but this is all about BBQ. If they want to come and explore the town that's okay. There is plenty of room on the deck, but Saturday is ALL about BBQ. I'm sure the kids don't want to hang out all day for BBQ.

3. Friday night. We can do simple food, maybe something I can cook and have ready. Maybe heavy appetizers. And there will be alcohol, so bring a designated driver. We will also have to prep some things if we want to do any overnight cooks (brisket? Butts? Something else?). Oh, and Happy hour won't be an hour. I have lights on the deck Smiler

2. Saturday. From Breakfast (fatties and other breakfast) to lunch to dinner, the day will just be something we schedule the day. The biggest challenge will be a good mix of actual cooking and some actual eating.


Start a list, tell us what you want to do at this event.

If ANY of you want to cook something, just volunteer. Once we have the list, we can sort out a calendar.

I'm also leaving it open as to what you want me to cook? You've seen my cooking, just tell me what you want to taste.

COST: Here's a key. We'll need to share expenses. I could ask whoever is cooking to cover their cost, but some items might be a little more expensive. More to come on this, not sure exactly how to work this

SIDE EVENT: At the first CS Reunion, we had a sauce tasting contest. What I'd like to do is have people send me bottles of their local sauces that they like/love (hopefully everyone from Oklahoma won't bring Head Country).
Good idea, we can sort it out.

I'm sure CS will also chip in, so I want to make it as painless as we can for all.

Once we firm up a date, we'll get all the details going.

So keep the ideas coming.

This is about all of us, I don't want to run it more than I have to, you guys keep me busy with the forum as it is... LOL
Good idea 2nd Hand, how about this we take it one step further. We build one electronically and "share" after the event. Some photos, etc. If someone wants to film them and we post that could work too.

But what's on the list, I need help developing that list?

I'm looking for unique ideas. Like Smoked Almonds and some of the posts that have favorites.

Who wants to step up and Volunteer?
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Well I keep hinting, no one offers any ideas.

So Brisket and BE.
Probably need to do ribs, two ways. Spares and BB
I'd like to do some grilling on the CB & PG, so maybe so burgers/steak/pizza or something (we love Calzone's on the PG)

Smoked Almond, maybe cheese, maybe some jerky

Sides, have to have beans.


Given the nature of the forum, I think the first reunion on the deck is back to basics on BBQ with everyone sharing. The stories and talking will be a close 2nd to any eating.
Originally posted by Cook One:
Since I am from the south, I would love pulled pork and ribs. Anything else would just be great but the above are staples for us in Alabama.

Forgot to finish, I did say I was from Alabama, but better ways to fix the pork and ribs would be great to learn
, but I think the Amerique has figured it out
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