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Folks - I made it through the 3rd smoke and all is well! I have the 4th and 5th this weekend, and the big party next weekend.

One question pertaining to salt. I typically use standard table salt in the rub. If I use Kosher or sea salt, will there be a difference (i.e. taste, appearance, etc.)
Thanks again....
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The BBQ bible "Smoke & Spice" by the Jamisons says to use kosher or sea salt. I use kosher salt for nearly everything including seasoning meats. I like the flaky texture which sticks nicely to the meat making a salty crust of sorts. Since switching to kosher salt, I find that standard table salt has a bitter iodine taste, but there's no telling whether you would notice the difference in cooked meat. I think it is safe to say that kosher salt won't add any taste to your food you don't get in table salt, and it might take away a bad flavor.

I don't have much experience with sea salt, but I would expect it to be similar to kosher, if not more expensive.

One think to keep in mind is that with its flaky texture, kosher salt is less dense in a measuring spoon so you may need to use more kosher salt than table salt in recipes.

kosher also comes in "coarse" which is OK if you need the texture but I only use it in baking - pretzels and such.
All salts are not created equal when it comes to rub. Place table salt, sea salt, & kosher salt in bowls in front of you and taste. You will notice a difference. Use salt by weight, not dry measure when ever you cook. It takes more kosher salt to give the same amount of salt taste by volumn as sea salt and table salt.

Weight measure should always be used. It insures consistency and eliminates one of the variables when trying to improve or judge a change.


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