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I thought I followed the 101 instructions to a tee, except my beef rib roast was boneless and only 5 lbs. I removed the roast from my SM025 at 100 degrees (verified by two probes), put in a 375 degree oven to sear, pulled out at 125, hoping for a 10 degree rise to a nice med rare. During the FTC, I watched the temp rise 28 degrees! to 153. The flavor was good, and we enjoyed the meal, but I was disappointed that it rose that much. I did basically the same thing last year, also with a 5 lb. boneless rib roast, and it rose 14 degrees, which is still too much, but not as bad. Any idea on what I may have done wrong? Is this due to the small size? Any tips would be appreciated.
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How long did you sear the roast? A 25* cook is long for the sear. Though I sear at 500*, the roast is usually in the oven for 5-6 minutes.

I smoke my rib roast till 120*, let it sit to cool for 30 minutes, then sear just to improve the bark. It rises a few degrees with a quick sear. My guess is your sear was the culprit.
Pags, it took 55 minutes to sear and bring the internal temp from 100 to 125. I then foiled and held in the cooler for 45 minutes where it rose to 153. Smokin's PR 101 instructions say to smoke to 100, then sear at 375 until internal temp reaches 125, then hold in cooler for a minimum of two hours. Sounds like the general consensus here is to not hold in a cooler and to sear by time and not temp.

I like your idea of smoking it to 120, then letting it cool for a while before the sear. That should lessen the rise after the sear. Thanks for the tips.
Yea. Taking it from 100 to 125* in a hot oven will increase the rise after removing from the oven. By smoking to 120*, you're virtually done with the cooking...a few degree rise while it rests.

I agree with the guys above. The FTC was your culprit especially after coming out of a longer visit to a hot oven. When the roast gets close to your final temp and you remove it from the smoker, just let it rest on your counter. Maybe with loose foil over it.

Then a short sear. The high temp, short sear will add a couple degrees, but not much. Inside will be medium rare with a nice bark.
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