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I will be using my new 120 to begin smoking my brisket recipe that I have used for years in my traditional stick burner pits. I have mastered the Pork Butt in the 120. The efficiency is out of this world. I smoke from 225 to 250 using 13 - 16 lbs briskets. Can someone give me some ideas on smoke time, wrap time and total time for the cook using the 120? Thanks for any assistance.
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Welcome to the forum. As you state, the efficiency of the 120 is great. I have found that most large cuts finish up at least a couple of hours quicker on the CS120 with no loss in quality versus my other smokers. I have not cooked a full capacity load yet, but the following has held true for up to 6 butts and 4 briskets at one time. I usually set the controller to 224° and take the briskets to 170°, which takes 5-7 hours depending on the initial meat temp and if I pre-heated the 120. I wrap them at this time in butcher's paper and continue to cook until they approach 200° internal and start probing for doneness. This is usually at 8-10 hours into the cook. Then give them a rest and enjoy. Good luck, as you have found out, the FEC is a great smoker.

Always place your bottom brisket fat cap down. Any others, fat cap up. 225*, probe cook with probe in thickest part of lowest brisket. Usually takes 12 hours +/-. 197 for optimal slicing, 202 for chopped. When done, double wrap briskets separately in HD foil, then roll up in old bath towel or blanket. Place it/them in your oven or in an insulated cooler to incubate for 2-3 hours. Mmmmm good.
The FEC120 will cook quicker than the electric Cookshack smokers IMHO and from past experience with both. Also, I have not found a big difference fat side up or down in the finished meat the 120. I believe both of these are due to the convection style cooking in the 120 where the heat completely surrounds the meat instead for rising from bottom to top. Just my 2¢

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