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Speaking from a professional (chef/restaurant owner) standpoint, and a guy who does a lot of BBQ, my suggestion is:

Not cheap but it will last forever and get the job done for you...guaranteed.

I've been using MAC knives in my kitchen for 10 years now and they're right on par with the quality you'd expect from any Cookshack smoker.

PM me should you decide to buy it. I'll suggest a sharpening stone that will keep this knife razor sharp. Running the edge through a standard knife sharpener will compromise the edge. The stone is under $20 and will put a razor sharp edge on any other knives you already own.
I have Macs,Wuestoffs,and a lot of others.

Pro chefs like Max can maintain perfect edges on anything and he is often in his home location with equipment of choice.

The Forscheners are soft and lose their sharp rather quickly,but a few licks by even inexperienced knife users can also bring them back to an edge.Handy in a supermarket meat shop,or traveling the circuit.

We like the Macs and give them as gifts to folks we visit,so I know we have a great knife to use when we cook with them. Big Grin

We have a large amount of German knives,but many folks have difficulty getting the edge back,without sending them out to a pro.

Comp cooks use Forschners for this reason.
They also are reasonably price,for a cook that may not use a brisket slicer every day.

Just a couple of thoughts.
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I'm with Tom on Mac knives. We've been using them at the restuarant for 10+ years now. I suggest either the "original" or "chefs" series. Both are durable, easy to resharpen and will hold a razor sharp edge.

Mac also sells a 200/800 grit water stone that will last a lifetime. If you contact Hal at THIS website, ask him if he'll offer you a "professional" discount. I get 20% off my purchase. He's a very nice gent to deal with.
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
You just HAD to bring up MAC.

The one knife I don't have any of in my case...

I have bought a couple of these for relatives,but didn't really like it any better than the non dimpled version.

MSK-65 - Professional Series 6 ½" Santoku with dimples

SK-65 - Superior Series 6 ½" Santoku have worked out well where ever I've placed them.
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