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I just wanted to say hi to everyone... I've been 'lurking' Cool around this forum for the last month now while i've been deciding what smoker i wanted to purchase.

I have never made Q before, but i sure do enjoy eating it! In two weeks i'll be making my anual voyage to Cabela's and will be purchasing a CS SM025. I've already talked to my local butcher and told him i'd like to have a few PB ready when i bring this bad boy home.

I just wanted to tell you guys on here, that after reading through TONS of threads, i've learned a lot already and haven't even begun yet...

I hope to be shooting the breeze with you guys soon on here about Q.

Will show my setup on here as soon as i can... Spoke to my buddy who is in the HVAC line of work, and he will be making me a 'custom' weather cover for my smoker out of galvanized sheet metal. Will be painted, have handles on the sides and a smoke/exhaust stack comming out of the top. I want to be able to smoke in rain and snow while watching the Steelers and Penguins sporting events.
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Yeah, there's plenty of reading on the forum, but the REAL knowledge will begin when you start smoking. It is very important to take notes on all your smokes, that way you are able to change what doesn't meet your expectations and believe me when I say that you will become the hardest to please.

While the times that our fellow family members have been gracious in sharing, may vary just a little from smoker to smoker...different meats, starting temps, and just a lot of other small variables, but hey that's what makes smoking so much FUN...well that and good eats.

Please feel free to give back for what is received and never be shy about asking a question, because we all started out like you.

Congrats, your gonna love a CookShack!
Thanks Pags, Pad, and Cal... I do have one question, and maybe it will be answered when i get the 025 and read the manual... But do you always pre-heat the smoker before putting the product inside?

Andy - hey whatever works! I've been looking at everyone's 'shelter' on here and i really liked the one where the person bought a Rubbermaid shed and converted it into a smoke shack!
Good job Pags, I was looking for that post.

Personally Duck_Commander...TigerFan had a hard time teaching me KISS(keep it simple stupid), but after trying all the newbie experiments, which I see no problem with a fella doing, I come to understand just what he was trying to teach.

With a electric CS it is as simple as rubbing your meat about an hour before you smoke, let it set in the frig until it has a wet paste look, put in a cold smoker, and LEARN the proper way to tell doneness. You might learn like me that KISS can produce fine eating with very little effort and NO big messes or smoke in the eyes, oh well! Too each his own.

Oh by the way, my electric bill went down when I learned not to run out every little bit to see what the temp said on the smoker!

I don't preheat, but do let my meats get to a semi room temp.

Never had a problem, but to each his own!

Don't try and over do anything, Tom and Smokin finally taught me KISS.

Rwmember to foil the wood box, the bottom and poke a hole for the fat to drip out.

Good luck and have fun.

First of all WELCOME. One thing I would add is that you need to get you a remote thermometer such as a Maverick ET-732 dual probe. This will help with the Cookshack KISS method. Once you set your product into the smoker, you can check progress temps from your easy chair while enjoying your preferred resfrehment!
Thanks Nordy... I have one more question guys... How much power does this unit pull or any of CS units. If i'm leaving it plugged in for 17 hours straight, will it be like running a second central air unit in my house?


Do a find on "cost of a smoke" and you'll find a post of mine that said a reasonably long smoke costs $.09 (9 cents) on an 055. And the 055 has one of the largest elements of the home smokers. (1200 watts)
Thanks for all the great info guys....

From all the posts i've been reading, and you guys just confirmed it for me....

Place meat in smoker then turn it on.
Foil the bottom of the CS including the wood box.
Get a good thermometer.

MaxQue - i am a die hard steelers, penguins, and pirates fan.

Pags and Cal, thanks a bunch for the link! (i'm a youngin and not married yet and still live at home, so my father was wondering how much this is going to make the electrical bill go up which would mean my rent would be going up) hahahaha

I told my family don't expect 'perfect' pulled pork the first smoke, as i'm am just learning... I told them to give me at least 2 shots before i expect to be making a good pulled pork samich!
Originally posted by Duck_Commander:
I told my family don't expect 'perfect' pulled pork the first smoke, as i'm am just learning... I told them to give me at least 2 shots before i expect to be making a good pulled pork samich!
Any "GOOD" BBQ places around you? Your second pulled pork will be as good or better than those places. Your first pulled pork will be better than all the other BBQ places.
Thanks Andy... Yea there are 2 'mom and pop' BBQ shack's around within 25 miles from me. They both have smokers that are 'pull behinds'... They look like they were hand made and like they would fall apart.... But looks can be deceiving because they pull out some really good Q. But, i have a good feeling that after a few smokes i can be making some good tasting Q like they do! Smiler

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