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It is my first time to smoke a brisket. I have an 8lb Select cut Brisket from the butcher. I wasnt sure if those two woods mixed togeather would be a good taste or not for the brisket???

Also, I soaked the brisket in orange juice and apple juice overnight last night. I put the rub on it this morning and wrapped it in cling wrap all day long. I was planning on putting in the smoker tonight around 12am. How long should I cook it for and at what temp? I was thinking 180 degrees for 10 hours!!!

Any help would be great.
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I just did a 9lb Select brisket a few weeks ago in which I used apple and hickory, and it came out fantastic.

I've done brisket before and they all came out great, but this time I used another method that I saw in this forum, and it came out absolutely perfect.

I smoked it at 225 deg. until the internal meat temperature was 170deg, then took it out, placed it in heavy duty foil, poured about 6 oz. of canned beef broth in with it, wrapped it up and put back into the smoker until it reached 190 deg.

As far as time, I think it took somewhere in the vacinity of 12 or 13 hours. But to be honest, I use a digital meat thermometer ($17 at Target)and only go by internal meat temp.

You're gonna hear this expression alot.."it's done when it's done". I've lived by that expression ever since I started doing bbq, and being patient has never failed me.

Could not believe how tender, and juicy this brisket came out. Everyone just raved about it.

Hope this helps....

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