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I've smoked eggs in the past but wasn't too impressed with the results. It has been many beers and a number of years since I've done it, but I remember using unshelled hard boiled eggs. I don't recall if I tried uncooked eggs. Since egg shells are porous, I think smoking uncooked eggs in the shell may result in a richer smoke flavor.

I wonder how they would be brined and then smoked. You may end up with the perfect hard cooked egg.

A tall frosty beer and 6 smoked eggs please!
I love this!! While I eat bacon and eggs, and eggs and sausage links all the time... there is something "over the top" about these scotch eggs. I guess it's the deep frying... I dunno. I suppose I'll have to try it. I bet that if you cut the finished scotch eggs in half, then used a mixture of dijon mustard and tabasco as a dipping sauce... well, my head might explode! Big Grin I've taken to eating hard boiled eggs with a dollop of dijon and tabasco on each bite...

Heaven help me Eeker
Ya'll are on the right track. Hard boiled eggs,encased in your favorite pork (of course)sausage,dip into an egg wash,then roll it in bread crumbs.Fry it until golden brown. Serve hot or room temp. Never tought about smoking one,think I'll give it a shot.
Yea,use the hot sauce on the eggs.It will make your day.
Papa Shaka Wink Big Grin
I cooked up a few Scotch Eggs last night and thought they were good. I encased the hard boiled eggs in spicy sausage meat, then rolled them in finely ground pork rinds. The recipes called for bread crumbs or flour but I decided to go hardcore with pork rinds. Next, I deep fried them until they were nicely browned, probably 5 minutes.

After sampling the first one, I got to thinking about a sauce that would go good with them. I decided to try a Dijon mustard sauce that I found in a cookbook. The sauce consisted of Dijon mustard, butter, egg yolks, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Yes, it was a rich combination, especially with the Scotch Egg, but a good one.

My belly had a hurt on it this morning. I think the name should be changed from Scotch Eggs to Belly Bombs!

If you're looking for a good Scotch Egg recipe, you can't beat the one in "Mickey's Gourmet Cookbook" It contains favorite recipes from Disney World and Disneyland. These are the eggs served in The Rose and Crown pub at EPCOT. I always make sure to get some whenever I'm there.
I do this about every time I smoke:

start with raw eggs
soak in 1/3 ratio of vinegar/water for 1 minute
rinse in warm water & dry
place immediately on SLOW cook for 3-4 hours

The vinegar opens the pores so smoke penetrates and the warm water rinse helps keep them from cracking when they start cooking. Peel & eat, egg salad, devilled eggs.. use as you would a boiled egg.
Feels like a neighborly place now that I see my old friend Shaka on the forum. I hate to say I haven't visited him for too long now that I don't work downtown near his place anymore. This guy works hard providing quality in what is surely the most competitive smoked pork market areas in the country. I'll be coming to checkup on ya for lunch soon from down the road at that major cosmetic mfg place and bringing a bunch of other pork addicts!
LazyQ.. HAHA LazyJ!

Sorry I'm not very scientific with my cooking, I'd guess about 130 degrees with heavy hickory smoke. The trick is keeping them from exploding when you first put them on. I've heard you can put a tiny prick in the shell to lessen this problem. I use farm fresh eggs laid by chickens fed Cheetos for a slight cheese flavor. OKOK, I'm blowing smoke now

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