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Tried to season my new elite series and couldn't get the wood chunks to produce smoke. Added a pan of ice and raised the temp. to 250 and it smoked for approx. 1 hr. When lowered the temp to 225 it quit.

Today I am trying to cook a tri-tip. at 200.The smoke lasted for approx 1.45 hrs and quit. There are two light weight charcoal pieces remaining.

Is this the performance I should expect? the wood pieces are the ones supplied by CS.

Thanks for your help.
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No, it works, there just are a couple of things to consider.

There are a number of recent threads in this forum, so have a look at those titles and try those suggestions.

Placement of the wood
May sure the wood is dry / seasoned.

Also keep in mind, you won't always "see" a lot of smoke. There is dirty smoke (bad) and clean smoke (good) and the idea is that you want a clean smoke

If the wood itself isn't burning, read through those threads, try the suggestions.

If that doesn't fix it, Call CS on Monday and discuss.
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And a couple of extra comments:

1) After any impurities in your wood have burned off (the bad smoke) you won't see much smoke from that point on... it will be blue and almost invisible.

2) Meat will only take on smoke until it reaches about 140 deg. and the pores close up. (learned that from this forum)

3) The only thing that counts is whether your 'product' has the smokey taste you like, rather than how much smoke you saw coming from your CS.

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