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Are you wanting to do a PR this weekend?

Keep it simple.

No, no, no, in the CS it's NEVER xx amount per pd.

It will vary with which model you have
It will vary with what kind of wood you have (flavor, dryness, etc)
It will vary with your preferences.
It will vary with duration (how long at what temp).

See a trend here, it "varies" Big Grin

The ONLY way to decide is start small, xx amount for a smoke and then determine if that works for you. Some people think 4 oz is not enough and some thing 4 oz is oversmoked.

If you're not sure, like redoak said, go with just 1 or 2 to start, you can also add more next time. Do not start with too much; if it's oversmoked, then the dog will want it, but you won't.
Originally posted by GaryK1398:
... so I don't scare the family when I tell them I smoked the easter PR!

Go with the PR 101 (I'll try to fix the photos today) once you do it, they'll ask you to do it again.

I've got a PR for this weekend, aged 50 days, and the family would REVOLT if I didn't smoke it.

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