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My 020 arrived today and I assembled it no problem. A few complaints though...the thermocouple was kinda bent to one side. The thermocouple jack is sticking out above the top of the unit. It appears the metal clip on the jack is defective and does not have the small teeth to prevent it from popping back up out of the top panel. Put a piece of shrink wrap over the screws on the jack to prevent them shorting against something.

Got it breaking in as we speak. Which brings me to another question. What kind of wood did they provide me with in the sample box. And if it is a mixed batch, what kinds are they and how do I tell them apart? Some look different than others. I tried burning a few different looking ones a bit with my Zippo but could not smell any difference.

Zappa Esq.
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I have two Cookshacks and they both came with a box of Hickory (although like redoak, the boxes were labeled). It does vary in appearance quite a bit even within the box. Do yourself a favor and call Cookshack to tell them about the thermocouple problems. They will make it right. You are doing them a favor - they can make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. (my Amerique came a few days ago with a bent probe too.)
Well had a great laugh on my breakin. Built a 20' 10 gauge extension cord, put 6oz of "Mystery Wood in the smoke box and let it rip at 250* At about the 4 hour mark my neighbors starting poking their heads out of their apartments and were commenting about where the fire was................I never laughed so I think.

I opened the door for about 20 seconds and the smoke coated the area for about a minute.

This thing is fun.


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