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I “should” buy the CS seafood grills ($17.60 each) plus shipping. I need three of them so I could end up spending approximately $50 to $60.

I am considering buying chicken wire (small mesh) at the Home Depot. Then I would cut 3 pieces of chicken wire to the exact size of my 3 shelves. When I want to use it I will place the chicken wire on top of the each shelf. Then just slide it into the cooker. Using it this way would mean I could use a small gauge/mesh of chicken wire.

I want these for almonds. However, I assume I could use it on seafood also.

Has anyone done this? Should I be concerned that the chicken wire has been chemically treated with something? Am I about to poison myself?

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Is it galvanized?

I don't know that I would want to cook on it. I have seen trash can cooker were you place a chicken in the center. But the food didn't come into contact.

If you can find a stainless steel mess. But by the time you run around and find something like that you will have paid for the Cook Shack racks. And they should clean up easier.

Galvanized stuff shouldn't be a problem at smoker temps, but there might be a better way.

A perforated half pan, available from any restaurant store might work fine as long as you're not trying to use every possible inch on the shelf. About $10 per pan on line.

Another option would be perforated pizza pans, also from restaurant supply store. About $4-8 depending on size.

Lastly, perforated, expanded stainless steel from Lowe's/HD. Would cover entire shelf. On isle where they sell threaded rod, angle iron, etc. Depending on size might cost $20 per shelf.
I took about 5 lbs of smoked almonds back to Chicago this week and 5 lbs of jerky(presmoked). They both went over very well. Not only did I get 4 or 5 requests for both, two of my friends reminded me of all the favors they've done for me in the past. They were trying to make me feel guilty enough to make sure I delivered on my promise to send some of the "good stuff". Good thing I love those guys.

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